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Donor Spotlight: Victor Morales

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Guys, this rocks. No really, it’s a blog post about rocks! Well, kinda…

Victor Morales

Victor Morales in front of his jewelry gallery, MAYA

We are so happy to announce a new partnership with Victor Morales, owner of the jewelry gallery known as MAYA. Victor recently moved MAYA to Cincinnati after many successful years in Boston working with handmade jewelry by Native American, Mayan, and Mexican artists. Now he’s decided to donate a portion of his proceeds to CoEd! During the month of November a portion of all sales at MAYA will be set aside for CoEd—with the goal of raising $10,000 for children in Guatemala! The gallery is located on Ludlow Avenue in Clifton, right across from the Esquire Theatre. So stop by MAYA (or shop online) and take a look at the unique pieces offered there. It’s the perfect opportunity to buy a special holiday gift that will also help students in need!



5 Guatemalan Festivals You Just Can’t Miss

Friday, September 16th, 2016

One of the reasons we travel is to experience different cultures, change our perspectives, and—hopefully—learn. Today we’re here to ask you: What better way to do that than party with the locals? That’s right, PARTY! Guatemala is absolutely rich with cultural celebrations, which inspired us to put together this list of

Guate Festivals


On the Breaking News in Guatemala: A Letter from the Founders

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Hopeful sunshine
Dear Supporters,

Many of you have likely read about the political situation currently taking place in Guatemala. Both President Otto Perez Molina and Vice President Roxana Baldetti have stepped down after being charged with several corruption offenses. While this is currently making international news, political scandals in Guatemala are nothing new, and CoEd has ridden the waves with little interruption for decades.

As our General Director Rony Mejía said, political leaders come and go, but CoEd’s work has continued for 20 years and counting. Our relationships and interventions take place on the community level, and those collaborations remain strong and unwavering. We are still working together every day in over 200 schools across the country to provide life changing educational opportunities to Guatemalan students.

We are optimistic that the current situation is the dawning of a new day in Guatemala – a day when people in power no longer have impunity and are held accountable for their actions; a day when citizens embrace the power of peaceful protests and working together toward a common goal; and a day when all Guatemalans realize they have a voice and really can transform their communities, their country and maybe even the world. (more…)

The Life of a Guatemalan Mother

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

“What do you eat with your tortillas?” someone asked Maria Berta.  “Sometimes there’s salt,” she replied.

Maria Berta had welcomed Cooperative for Education volunteers into her home in Cerritos Asunción, Guatemala after we inaugurated the Culture of Reading Program at her 9-year-old son’s school. She was demonstrating her tortilla making techniques with a quiet smile as the reality of this family’s poverty sunk in for us.

CoEd2014_FebSnap_Ann - 210

You can help Maria Berta and other Guatemalan moms this Mother’s Day by donating at

I stood a few steps back from the rest of the group, watching her impossibly cute children play in the dirt outside their front door and couldn’t help but think of my own children. What if I was Maria Berta?  What if this was my life?  (more…)

libros de textos: a poem

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

walking girl in Guatemala

libros de textos


Silken ebony ropes

cascade past her shoulders.

Small wisps dance in the mountain breeze

as she begins her daily journey

down the rocky path.


Second-hand sandals reveal

dust covered toes.


Friday Photo Fiesta: Fireworks

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Fireworks are an important (and fun!) part of Guatemalan culture. On your birthday, you get to wake up to the loudest firecrackers going off outside your window starting at about 4:00am! And if you have the privilege of traveling to Guatemala on a Snapshot Tour, you might see fireworks attached to a person (yikes!) or shot off indoors (double yikes!). We definitely do NOT recommend trying either one this weekend. In honor of Independence Day in the USA, enjoy a few Guatemalan fireworks for this edition of Friday Photo Fiesta.

Bull Fireworks in Guatemala

There’s often an accompanying dance with this bull of fireworks. It’s your lucky day if you’re chosen as matador.


Dance of the Diablo

Yes, those are fireworks attached to his costume as well.

Fireworks inside

Fireworks inside?


Sometimes 2 or 3 of these are lit at once. Plug your ears, folks!

Renee's reaction to fireworks

That terrifying moment just before fireworks go off inside.

Into fireworks photography? Our friend Beth over at Beers & Beans has some excellent tips if you hope to capture fireworks at night this fourth of July.

What’s the best fireworks show you’ve ever been to?

The World Is Ending! Maybe…

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

You’ve seen the movie “2012”, right? If not, let me summarize it for you: Mayans predict the world will end in 2012. John Cusack. Natural disasters. Harrowing journey around the world. Los Angeles sinks into the Pacific Ocean. You get the idea.

John Cusack dealing with the wrath of the Mayans

“I can’t believe I skipped Fall Fiesta for this.”

So, what does this have to do with CoEd? Well, we have decided to embrace the end of the world at this year’s Fall Fiesta: Mysteries of the Mayan Calendar. Don’t miss the last Fall Fiesta EVER!

Seabrook Island, South Carolina

Live out your last days on earth in luxury by winning a trip to Seabrook Island, South Carolina!

Ok, fine. The world might not actually be ending. In fact, the Mayans never predicted the end of the world, simply the end of their long count calendar(more…)