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Re-Learning How to Read

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

CORP students

Do you remember learning how to read? Depending on your age, you may have had fun with Dick and Jane or molded your mouth around consonant blends with Hooked on Phonics. But in Guatemala, neither storybooks nor syllables are standard fare. Instead, educators teach reading as an exercise in rote memorization of individual words. Words remain just arrangements of lines and curves, so students have a hard time interpreting new words on their own, and entire sentences, paragraphs, and stories never coalesce into meaning.


Ingrid Tobar Xico: Surpassing Statistics

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015
CoEd2015_GLP_Howard - 0998

From left to right: teacher Maria, student Ingrid, and mother Juana showing off the ABC book nine-year-old Ingrid created in class. Chimaltenango, Guatemala, February 2015.

One out of every four adults in Guatemala cannot read, and the average education level is a mere 4.1 years—the second lowest in all of Latin America. It is no coincidence that 75.6% of rural Guatemalans live below the country’s poverty line, earning less than $4 per day.

Ingrid Tobar Xico should undoubtedly become one of these statistics; all signs point in that direction. Neither of her parents made it past primary school, and all three of her older siblings have dropped out as well. Her family is poor, uneducated, and stuck. Ingrid’s mother Juana, a housewife, has to deal with an alcoholic husband who makes a meager amount of money farming on good days, and takes out his frustrations with his fists on bad days.


Education in Action Series: Culture of Reading

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

What does a classroom in the Culture of Reading Program look like?

When you enter a CORP classroom you’ll see students reading aloud in small groups, teachers gathering their kids into reading circles, or students creating their very own storybooks. This may sound like a typical classroom in your hometown, these are remarkable milestones brought about through the hard work of trainers and teachers with a ton of heart for their students. We’re continually amazed and encouraged by them!

What surprised you the first time you entered a classroom in a developing nation? 

Literacy in Guatemala

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Imagine you are seven years old and have never come in contact with a single book.

This is reality for many rural Guatemalan children. CoEd’s Culture of Reading Program is transforming these students into competent, enthusiastic readers.

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Voices of CoEd: Tanya—Determined to Succeed

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

The second-grade classroom at Pachalí Primary School is humid. A fly buzzes from desk to desk, circling in wide, lazy arcs in an attempt to distract the students’ attention from the front of the room. But teacher Regina Cabjón is reading—and the students are too busy listening.

CORP Teacher reading

CORP trained teachers make reading to their students each day a priority for the classroom

This is Regina’s second year of training in Cooperative for Education’s Culture of Reading Program (CORP), which aims to foster a lifelong love of learning in children by providing primary school teachers with best practices in reading instruction. Regina is amazed at the difference she sees in her students after implementing the CORP methodology. She remarks, “The students used to be indifferent towards books—now they actually look forward to reading!”

Guatemalan boy reading

The Human Right to Education

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

It’s a busy week over here at CoEd! Fall Fiesta is Saturday, so we’re busy bees preparing to welcome all of YOU amazing folks to join us at Paul Brown Stadium.  We. Can’t. Wait.

There’s still time to buy a ticket if you haven’t snagged one yet!

In the meantime, enjoy thoughts from Guatemala by one of our amazing CORP teachers!

Community that reads

What books have helped you improve your own life? 

Ismelia Ajuyos: Getting Lost in Learning

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

As a child, it is easy to get lost. Not lost, as in disappearing into a large throng of people (although, unfortunately, that is also easy to do), but lost, as in vanishing into an activity and becoming so captivated that you completely disconnect with the outside world. Children can be so absolutely mesmerized by an activity that any effort to disturb them will be met with a sudden, startled jolt back into reality and a momentary dazed expression in their wide eyes.

Culture of Reading Program student

First grader Ismelia Ajuyos beams with pride as she shows off the drawing she created as part of the Culture of Reading Program.

There is no better example of this ability to become transfixed by a task than what happens to Ismelia Ajuyos, a first-grader at La Canoa primary school, when she participates in CoEd’s Culture of Reading Program. CORP aims to foster a lifelong love of reading and learning in children by providing teachers with best practices in reading instruction, as well as a selection of engaging storybooks. If Ismelia is any indication, CORP is achieving its goal in every way. (more…)

Adventure Life: Travel Philanthropists Improve Education in Rural Guatemala

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013


Turns out it is number two. Now listen to why we are on the verge of losing it… We have just received some pretty wonderful news. Adventure Life, a totally rad group of travel gurus, has given CoEd a grant to help support the Culture of Reading Program (CORP) in Guatemala. So yeah, we’re going to reserve the right to TYPE IN ALL CAPS.

Reading class in Guatemala

One of the many primary school students embarking upon a lifelong love affair with reading thanks to the Culture of Reading Program.

Why is this so exciting? It’s a success story of like-minded organizations coming together to make a positive impact in the world. Adventure Life is all about responsible travel, and they recognize that same trait in CoEd. Adventure Life isn’t just giving us a grant; they are giving us their seal of approval. Coming from such a passionate and knowledgeable travel company (with a penchant for altruism), that is a pretty big deal. (more…)

CORP Book Review: Lions and Tigers and Quetzales, Oh My!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

A big part of our Culture of Reading Program (endearingly referred to as CORP) is providing primary school teachers with up to 192 high-quality story books to foster the love of reading in their students. We are often asked about the books we provide—thus our newest segment, the CORP Book Review, where we will give you a look into some of the pretty amazing and fun books being utilized to encourage and inspire kids in Guatemala to immerse themselves in reading. Here we go!

Randall's favorite book is De Paseo Por La Selva. Find out why!

Second grader Randall’s favorite book is De Paseo Por La Selva. Find out why!


Quotables: Reading Comprehension Brings Joy to a Community

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013