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The Life of a Guatemalan Mother

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

“What do you eat with your tortillas?” someone asked Maria Berta.  “Sometimes there’s salt,” she replied.

Maria Berta had welcomed Cooperative for Education volunteers into her home in Cerritos Asunción, Guatemala after we inaugurated the Culture of Reading Program at her 9-year-old son’s school. She was demonstrating her tortilla making techniques with a quiet smile as the reality of this family’s poverty sunk in for us.

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You can help Maria Berta and other Guatemalan moms this Mother’s Day by donating at

I stood a few steps back from the rest of the group, watching her impossibly cute children play in the dirt outside their front door and couldn’t help but think of my own children. What if I was Maria Berta?  What if this was my life?  (more…)

Celebrating an Empowered Future in Guatemala

Monday, March 24th, 2014


Layers of dust coat the cracked concrete floor of Chiquival Cooperative School’s dilapidated gymnasium. A makeshift stage at the front of the room is strewn with streamers and balloons. Students, teachers, and visitors dance together under the modest aluminum roof, the cold concrete walls reverberating with music and laughter—a celebration amidst the deterioration.

Walfre Sosa Pérez dances well for a 14-year-old boy. His rhythm and movements are comfortable, and his wide smile is contagious. He sways back and forth in time to the music, his joy palpable. Walfre is celebrating because he now has access to a world previously denied to him. He is celebrating because he finally has the opportunity to run his fingers up and down the glossy cover of a brand new social studies book. Walfre is celebrating because he knows that he and his rural community have not been forgotten. (more…)