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That Face You Make…

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

In honor of International Literacy Day, we thought it was high time that we let some of our sprightly young Culture of Reading Program (CORP) students teach you a few things about proper reading technique. Namely, exactly what facial expressions one should make while engaging in various reading-related activities, from vocabulary exercises to dramatization of a story. Captured in their natural habitat, these emotive masters will dazzle you with their superb expressive technique. Go ahead and limber up your own facial muscles so you can play along at home with That Face You Make…

1) when you love practicing your letters
chubby cheeks and wide smiles


Re-Learning How to Read

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

CORP students

Do you remember learning how to read? Depending on your age, you may have had fun with Dick and Jane or molded your mouth around consonant blends with Hooked on Phonics. But in Guatemala, neither storybooks nor syllables are standard fare. Instead, educators teach reading as an exercise in rote memorization of individual words. Words remain just arrangements of lines and curves, so students have a hard time interpreting new words on their own, and entire sentences, paragraphs, and stories never coalesce into meaning.


Guatemala’s Award Winning Principal

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Breaking news from Guate!

On Tuesday, November 25th Gilberto Adán Aquino Choc, the principal of El Calvario primary school in Santo Domingo Xenacoj, became the first ever principal to receive the Director 100 Puntos award, a national award given to educators who embody good teaching practices and contribute to the improved learning of Guatemalan students.

Director 100 Puntos Award

Can you spot Adán in this group? Hint: he’s the one with an armful of awards!

This is exciting for two reasons:

1. El Calvario utilizes CoEd’s Culture of Reading Program (CORP), and Adán is quick to recognize CORP’s role in bringing incredibly important tools and techniques to their school that has helped both teachers and students alike excel in the classroom. (more…)