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Orlando Chile Bucú: Turning Skills into Success

Friday, March 10th, 2017


“Tonight, please complete the even problems on page 268 and show up ready to compare your work with a partner’s tomorrow.” Many of us recognize these words as a typical end to a typical math class. But for students in rural Guatemala, there is nothing typical about these words. Nine out of ten middle schools in the regions where CoEd works do not have textbooks. “Learning” in these schools focuses on rote memorization instead of critical thinking. Students spend as much as 65% of class time just copying from the blackboard. (more…)

Education in Action Series: Culture of Reading

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

What does a classroom in the Culture of Reading Program look like?

When you enter a CORP classroom you’ll see students reading aloud in small groups, teachers gathering their kids into reading circles, or students creating their very own storybooks. This may sound like a typical classroom in your hometown, these are remarkable milestones brought about through the hard work of trainers and teachers with a ton of heart for their students. We’re continually amazed and encouraged by them!

What surprised you the first time you entered a classroom in a developing nation?