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See CoEd projects in action through these short collections of beautiful images from Guatemala.

Summer Snapshot Tour 2015Summer Snapshot Tour 2015 Album



February Snapshot Tour 2015February Snapshot Tour 2015 Album



Delivery Tour 2015Delivery Tour 2015 Album



Summer Tours 2014Summer Project Tours 2014 Album



February Snapshot Tour 2014February Snapshot Tour 2014 Album



Delivery Tour 2014

Delivery Tour 2014 Album



August Snapshot Tour 2013

August Snapshot Tour 2013 Album



February Snapshot Tour 2013

February Snapshot Tour 2013 Album



Delivery Tour 2013Delivery Tour 2013 Album



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Snapshot Tour 2012

Snapshot Tour 2012 Slideshow



Project Tours 2012

Project Tours 2012 Slideshow



Snapshot Tour 2011

Snapshot Tour 2011 Slideshow



Project Tours 2011

Project Tours 2011 Slideshow



Snapshot Tours 2010

Snapshot Tours 2010 Slideshow



Project Tours 2010

Project Tours 2010 Slideshow



Snapshot Tour 2009

Snapshot Tour 2009 Slideshow



Delivery Tours 2009

Delivery Tours 2009 Slideshow



Snapshot Tour 2008

Snapshot Tour 2008 Slideshow



Delivery Tours 2008

Delivery Tours 2008 Slideshow



Rotary Delivery Tour 2007

Rotary Delivery Tour 2007 Slideshow



Delivery Tour 2007

Delivery Tour 2007 Slideshow



Recruitment Tour 2006

Recruitment Tour 2006 Slideshow