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Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) Tours

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Tour collage photoOpen to members of Rotary International, the Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) Tour offers a week of celebrations and opportunities to interact with the children and families served by CoEd and its partnership with Rotary, the GLP!

Deliver badly-needed textbooks and inaugurate brand-new computer centers at impoverished Guatemalan schools. Learn about Guatemalan history and culture, as well as the challenges faced by people in the developing world, all the while sharing in the fellowship of other Rotarians from the U.S., Canada and Guatemala.

"The trip FAR exceeded our expectations in every way. It was inspiring to be with such a fine group of caring people and to have an opportunity to make a difference in a hurting and needy world."
–Judy & Dick Martin, Glendale-Kachina, AZ Rotary

General Information | Sample Itinerary | Sign Up | FAQ | More Travel Information
Tour Dates

February 3-11, 2018
(members of Rotary International & spouses only)

*Note: the GLP tour will begin on Saturday in 2018, rather than Friday.

Cost per Person


US$1,575 plus airfare for double occupancy*
US$1,775 plus airfare for single occupancy

NOTE: Trip expenses may be tax deductible.

*If you do not have a traveling companion, we will happily match you with a roommate in order to secure the Double Occupancy rate.

Details - The application deadline is January 1, although the trip may fill sooner.
- Each tour is limited to 55 participants; acceptance is on a first-come, first-served basis.
- A non-refundable deposit of US$350 is required at the time of application.
-Apply online now or contact Leslie Jenkins Reed, or 513-661-7000, ext. 115.
Textbook Delivery

Sample Itinerary:
Note: This itinerary shows real experiences and approximate travel times, but does not coincide with actual itineraries.

Arrive in Guatemala City, transfer to Antigua

Sunday: Lake Atitlán
8:00am Project Overview Presentation
9:00am Transfer to Santiago Atitlán
1:00am Lunch and free time in Santiago Atitlán
5:00pm Boat ride to Panajachel
7:00pm Dinner and free time

Monday: Huehuetenango
1:30pm Textbook Project inauguration at Chimusinique School
7:00pm Dinner and free time

Tuesday: Huehuetenango
9:00am Culture of Reading Program (CORP) inauguration at Paquisis Primary School
1:30pm Textbook Project Inauguration at Quisil School
7:00pm Dinner and free time

Wednesday: Huehuetenango
10:00am School supplies delivery at Tocal Primary School
1:30pm Textbook Project Inauguration at Bacú Cooperative School
7:00pm Dinner and free time

Thursday: Quetzaltenango (Xela)
9:00am Tour of Zaculeu Mayan Ruins
2:00pm Computer Center inauguration at Buenabaj School
7:00pm Dinner in the homes of Xela Rotary Club members

Friday: Chimaltenango
8:00am Depart Xela for Chimaltenango
11:00pm Celebrate the re-dedication of Tecpán Computer Center
3:00pm Depart Chimaltenango for Antigua
7:00pm Dinner and free time

Saturday: Antigua
10:00 am Historical tour of Antigua
11:00 am Lunch with scholarship students
1:00 pm
Free time and shopping in Antigua

Sunday: Depart Antigua for Guatemala City airport

How to Sign Up for a GLP Tour

To apply online, simply click Apply Online

If you prefer to print and mail your application, download the PDF.

You will need Adobe Reader, a free download, to view the application. If you have any trouble with the PDF, please contact Leslie Jenkins Reed at for assistance.

Mail your completed application (along with your deposit, if paying by check) to:

Cooperative for Education
2300 Montana Ave., Suite 301
Cincinnati, OH 45211


Along with your application, we require a nonrefundable US $350 deposit to secure your place on the tour.

To pay online, simply click Pay Online.

If you prefer to send a check, make check payable to "Cooperative for Education" and mail to:

Cooperative for Education
2300 Montana Ave., Suite 301
Cincinnati, OH 45211


You will receive email confirmation that your application and deposit have been accepted and that you have a secured place on the tour. Your confirmation will include information about purchasing your own plane ticket to Guatemala City (GUA), immunizations, packing, and other helpful information.

The remainder of your balance will be due one month before you travel, using one of the payment methods described above. You will need a passport with more than 6 months to expiration at the time of travel to enter Guatemala.

If you apply and pay online but do not receive an email confirmation from Cooperative for Education within three business days, your application was not submitted correctly. Please contact Leslie Jenkins Reed at or Caroline Phelps at for assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions


What will I do on the GLP Tour?
You will spend a week in Guatemala traveling by chartered bus, visiting schools and computer centers supported with Rotary funding. For most of the schools, these will be the first textbooks or computers they've ever had. You will be welcomed by parents, teachers and students, who will share their culture with you through plays, dances and songs.

You will make an important contribution to the Guatemala Literacy Project by showing local communities that the program is well supported and will be around for the long term. You will also give local people the opportunity to learn about North Americans and their lives and culture. You will gain experience and insight into the challenges faced by people in the developing world, all the while sharing in the fellowship of other Rotarians from the all over the world.

In addition, you will experience the breathtaking natural beauty of Guatemala as well as have time for shopping, sightseeing, and relaxing.

Hotel Room

Where will I stay?
Accommodations will be clean and comfortable—about the quality of a mid-level motel in the U.S.

See our Guatemala Travel page for links to typical hotels we use.

group photoWho will travel with me?
The tours are enjoyed by Rotarians of all ages who like to travel and are willing to take time out of busy schedules to help the Guatemala Literacy Project. You will meet a group of like-minded individuals who are fun, friendly and flexible. You will also be joined by many of CoEd's U.S. and Guatemala staff.
Will I be safe in Guatemala?
Asociación CoEd has been operating tours in Guatemala since 1998. In that time, not one of our tour participants has ever been a victim of a serious crime. However, in Guatemala, as in other developing countries, crime is a significant problem. Traveling in these countries is therefore not without risk. Click here to see CoEd's Statement on Safety.
Can I arrive before the tour and stay after?
If you plan to arrive a day before or stay a day after the tour at the hotel in Guatemala City (where the tour begins on Saturday morning) or Antigua (where the tour ends), we can book those nights for you. Please contact Leslie by Jan. 1 at or 513-661-7000, ext. 115 to make the arrangements.

However, if you would like to travel in Guatemala outside the official tour, you are responsible for making your own arrangements. Click here for a list of several Guatemalan travel agencies.

Can I leave hotel contact information with my friends or family?
Yes, just before your tour we will send you a complete list of hotels and contact information, which you can share with your family in case of emergency.
Spending time with kidsDo I need to speak Spanish to go on the tour?
Absolutely not! In fact, the majority of our tour participants speak little to no Spanish. Most tour activities are translated. When interacting with the students on an individual basis, our travelers find other ways to communicate and interact with them: showing family photos, playing soccer & basketball, and other games.
Can I donate school supplies or other items to CoEd's projects?
Yes. Please click here for CoEd's Supply Donation Overview (PDF), including the list of items we accept for donation.

Can I learn about the tour from the perspective of a previous volunteer?
Absolutely. We have many tour veterans who are enthusiastic about sharing their experiences with you. Feel free to contact any of these volunteers to learn more about their perspective:

Dick & Helen Anderson
La Quinta, CA Rotary

Glenn Chamberlain
Ephrata, WA Rotary