Three Ways to Use a Cooking Pot

 1. To cook Easy Mac. If you’re feeling extra fancy, throw some additional cheese in that bad boy and treat your taste buds to a glorious indulgence of the senses.

Mac and Cheese

If you’re into that whole “actually cooking” thing, I guess you can make real mac & cheese too, which does look delicious.
Photo via Smitten Kitchen

2. To wear on your head as a protective device so that when the aliens finally come (and trust me, they WILL come), they won’t be able to read your mind. In a pinch, tin foil also works.

3. To gather everyone in an office together to share good news and celebrate the everyday victories.

So why does CoEd have a pot hanging in the kitchen? What do we use it for? If you guessed #2, you would only be right about some of us…

Whenever we hear the CLANG-CLANG-CLANG-CLANG of a spoon banging against the bottom of an old cooking pot, we all jump up from our desks and rush to the origin of the commotion.

Joe Banging the Pot

Joe Berninger, executive director and co-founder of CoEd, generally the origin of office commotion.

This might sound like a strange occurrence for a professional office (that alien theory is starting to gain some traction, isn’t it?), but it’s a tradition that has stood the test of time at CoEd. If a staff member has really great, just-can’t-wait-to-share-it news, they get to bang the pot, signaling an impromptu staff meeting where we all gather together to celebrate someone’s hard work and success.

This custom began about seven years ago, when CoEd was still located in a century old, three story house. Joe recollects the start of the tradition. “In the pre-instant messaging days, there was no easy way to call everyone together to announce big news. You literally had to walk around the office and ask everyone to assemble.  One day I got tired of climbing stairs and instead went to the kitchen and grabbed a pot. I banged it several times with a metal spoon and was shocked at how LOUD it was. You could hear it, clear as a bell, on all four floors!”

Joe and Jeff with the pot

Joe and Jeff Berninger proudly carry on the pot-banging tradition in the new office. Also, the tradition of wearing pastel button-downs.

After seeing how well it worked, Joe started keeping the pot and spoon in his office in the event of more pot-banging news. The tradition quickly caught on, and the entire staff knew to grab the pot and spoon from Joe’s office if they were the ones with the good news to share. And when we moved to the new CoEd office space, we made sure to reserve a special place in the kitchen to display that same old pot and spoon! Besides, someone might have a craving for Easy Mac one of these days…

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