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January 2009

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Have you named CoEd in your estate plan?


If you have listed CoEd as a beneficiary in your insurance policy, will, or estate plan, please let us know so that we can welcome you into our legacy society and make sure your intentions are properly carried out.    

Please contact Holly End at or 513-731-2595 x104.


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Dear Friend,

Happy New Year from Cooperative Communications!  Thank you for making 2008 such a successful one for the children, schools, and families we were able to serve in the past year.  We hope that you will continue to get involved with CoEd's work in 2009!




You made these successes possible


See what you've made possible through your support in the past year. 


textbooksDid you know?

Nine out of ten schools in the rural regions CoEd serves have no access to textbooks. 






VolcanoesYour support is helping to provide books to 27 new schools this year. If you laid the books from end to end, they would span the distance from Cincinnati to Guatemala City--14 times over!


Click here to read more about CoEd's textbook project. 


newspaper ad for computer programmerDid you know? 

Before they set foot in CoEd's computer lab, most rural Guatemalan students have never touched a keyboard or a mouse. Without computer skills, students can automatically cross out more than half of the entry-level job postings in the help wanted pages.


keyboardYour support is making possible the installation of six new computer labs.  We're also giving teachers the technical skills and tools to teach computer skills more effectively.

Girl with bookDid you know?

Reading is commonly taught only once a week in many Guatemalan primary schools. When reading to the class, teachers often summarize the story without even showing the illustrations to the students.




Girl with class bookYour support is providing teachers with best practices in reading instruction. CoEd's Culture of Reading Program is creating life-long readers in communities where only one or two out of four adults can read.    


Thank you for your continued support of CoEd's vital programs.




Travel to Guatemala in less than 90 seconds

youtube video


In case you missed the premiere of CoEd's new short video at Fall Fiesta, you can now view it online by clicking here.  The video is a great visual representation of the work CoEd is doing in Guatemala, and an ideal way to spread the word about CoEd's work to your family and friends who don't yet know about CoEd.




Five days will change your life!


Lake AtitlanThis August, we hope you will consider joining us in Guatemala for a five-day Snapshot Tour to CoEd project schools.


We could tell you all about how the Snapshot Tour offers a unique opportunity to travel throughout the Guatemalan highlands, meeting the students, teachers and parents who benefit from CoEd projects. Or we could let you know how easy it is to fit a Snapshot Tour into a busy schedule, since even working professionals can make the trip, taking off only three days of work.


Instead, we'll let past tour participants tell you why you should come on a CoEd Tour:


Lisa Laugle, CoEd Tour Participant"I loved the joy expressed by the people in their celebrations - noisy firecrackers, winning smiles, friendly handshakes, warm hugs. I loved the land - the beauty of the sloping hillsides, the amazing plots of farmland on steep terrain, the breathtaking volcanoes, beautiful water, blue skies and the abundance of greenery in every possible shade of green. I loved being part of such a caring group of people. I came alone and was a little apprehensive about fitting in, but everyone of CoEd and every member of the tour seemed to honestly care about me.  I made wonderful friends. My inclusion among them is a memory I will cherish as well."  -Lisa Laugle, Tour Participant (2008)


Don Bilse, CoEd Tour Participant"This is the most life changing trip anyone can go on!" 


 -Don Bilse, Glendale-Kachina, AZ Rotary Club and CoEd Tour Participant (2007, 2008)






 -Ramón Rodriguez, Snapshot Tour Participant (2008)




Due to the popularity of our 2008 Snapshot Tour, we are offering two opportunities to travel to beautiful 70 degree Guatemala this August. 2009 Snapshot Tours are happening:

  • July 29-August 2, 2009
  • August 5-August 9, 2009 

Cost: $875 (double occupancy) or $975 (single occupancy). Cost excludes airfare.

Be part of the experience...Visit our tours webpage. Ready to sign up?  Email or call Jessica Stieritz (513-731-2595 x105) for more information.




Ancelma and her classmates need you


Ancelma Nonroy Ortiz, 11th Grade Scholarship StudentWhat if you could do one simple thing that would increase 11th grader Ancelma Nonroy Ortiz's potential future earnings by 10% each year?


By sponsoring a one-year scholarship for Ancelma or one of her classmates, you can ensure that these intelligent and ambitious Guatemalan students will not be forced to drop out of school because their parents lack the necessary financial resources.  Eleven 2009 Scholarship Students are still without sponsors.  Will you or a group of your friends, family, or co-workers say YES to giving one of these students a brighter future by sponsoring a one-year scholarship?


Yes! I want to sponsor a scholarship student.



Diversificado Students in need of Sponsors

($750 for a one year scholarship)

Diversificado Scholarship kids

Ancelma Nonroy Ortiz (11th grade, pictured above)

Basico Students in need of Sponsors

($500 for a one year scholarship)

7th Grade Scholarship kids in need of sponsors

Erick Humberto Sactic Itzol
7th grade (not pictured)

Miriam Ester Chavac Yucuté

7th grade (not pictured)


Click here for more information about the Scholarship and Community Give Back Program.

*According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), for every year of education attained, a Guatemalan student's future earnings increase by 10%.




Shed light on the economic downturn


Share your insight by participating in a national research study on the impact of the economy on philanthropy. This anonymous and confidential study will take no more than ten minutes to complete and its findings will help nonprofit organizations better navigate this challenging economy. 
You can
participate by following this link. Thanks for your help!




CoEd LogoJoin the CoEd team


Know someone who would be a great addition to the CoEd staff?  We're currently seeking applicants for the position of Marketing Intern. Please forward the job description link below to people who may be interested, and email us if you would like to recommend anyone who you know is applying.