Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP)

Since 1997, we’ve been honored to partner with Rotarians and their Rotary clubs through the Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP). The GLP is an international network of individual Rotarians, Rotary clubs, and CoEd that improves education for underserved students in Guatemala. Over 500 Rotary clubs around the world have financially supported the GLP, and as professionals working in a wide range of fields, Rotarians provide valuable expertise and ideas to achieve a deeper impact on needy students in Guatemala. Rotarian and GLP Co-Chairperson Carolyn Johnson even quit her job as a principal to design and spearhead our Culture of Reading Program!

Canadian Friends of Cooperative for Education

Canadian Friends of Cooperative for Education was formed as a legal entity in 2015 to give our friends north of the 49th parallel a greater opportunity to be part of CoEd’s life-changing work in Guatemala. Support through this partner specifically focuses on training teachers and providing scholarships to students participating in the Rise Youth Development Program.