How can only $20 per month help students in need?

How The Cooperative Works

The Cooperative is a monthly giving club for those looking to make an on-going, positive impact on the lives of children in rural Guatemala. For only $20 per month, members can collectively sponsor students in the Rise Youth Development Program.

In fact, for every 4 members of The Cooperative, 1 Rise student receives a full scholarship!

As a member of The Cooperative, you’ll receive updates on how the group’s Rise students are doing each school year and a cool badge on your CoEd account like the one shown below!

You Belong Here

The Cooperative is a community made up of incredible people from around the world, all with a passion for helping kids in Guatemala get the education they deserve. Meet a few of our Cooperative members below.

When I visited Guatemala, I visited schools that were supported by Cooperative for Education, where smiling children gave testimonials about how CoEd has helped pay their tuition so they could make their dreams of being a nurse or doctor or computer programmer come true. I saw CoEd’s commitment to a sensible, long-term plan that tackles deep-rooted problems. People need education to make long-lasting change and CoEd has developed procedures to ensure that donations make a difference. As a retired teacher, I happily send my monthly tuition payments so that Guatemalan children can attend school. 

Susan Richardson

A Member of The Cooperative

I came across Cooperative for Education entirely by chance. As I read their mission statement, everything about their approach, their priorities – and of course, the astounding results they achieve – sounded absolutely right to me and I knew immediately it was a cause I wanted to support. I sincerely wish I could do more!

David Sutherland

A Member of The Cooperative

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