Our family of supporters is as diverse as each member is compassionate — each one finds a way to get involved that is meaningful to them. Check out a few of their stories below, then

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Jon & Julia

Jon & Julia took hosting events for CoEd to a whole new level — when they got married, they decided to ask their guests to donate to CoEd instead of buying them gifts. “Just seeing how these children lived [during a CoEd tour] and how grateful they were for CoEd’s work in their schools was very moving to us. The tour really put our lives into perspective.”



The Tyger Family

The Tygers see CoEd’s programs as a great way to reconnect and give back to their daughter Ingrid’s birth country. Plus, CoEd tours give them a way to get the whole family involved! Molly says, “Guatemala gave me an amazing gift in my daughter, Ingrid.  I know that I will never be able to repay this gift, but I will continue to work to show my gratitude!”


As a Canadian Rotarian, Colin has led the charge in connecting us to his home country by helping found Canadian Friends of Cooperative for Education, our sister charity in Canada. As secretary of the Guatemala Literacy Project Advisory Board and a future GLP Global Grant Campaign Chair, he’s also making it his mission to reach out personally to every Rotary club in Canada to spread the word about our work.

Casey & Kathy

Retired teachers Casey and Kathy continue to promote education through CoEd’s Leadership Circle, by pledging to sponsor a CoEd program each year for three years. They explain, “As retired teachers, we know the value of education and understand the effect that books will have on the lives of the students. We’ve received hugs from parents who know how the books will improve the lives of their children.”


CoEd board member and founder of, Jim has rolled out the red carpet for CoEd for many years as the Platinum Sponsor of Fall Fiesta, our premier annual fundraising gala. Jim is passionate about CoEd’s work, because educated people make better decisions about the education and welfare of their families and communities, they have more career choices (including ones that may be more personally fulfilling), and have the ability to generate more income so they aren’t constantly burdened by the stress of being able to provide even the basics for sustaining life.

MacMaster Family

The MacMasters have been devoted supporters for more than 10 years, sponsoring scholarship students, traveling to Guatemala, giving through our Leadership Circle, and even hosting an Atlanta version of our annual fundraising bash. Now, they’re passing on their values of service to future generations—Michele brought her son Ian on our Enrichment tour so the two could work together on a hands-on service project.

Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation

The Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation works to alleviate the root causes of suffering experienced by vulnerable children. Supporting our Thousand Girls Initiative enabled the foundation to reach indigenous Maya girls in Guatemala with education and youth development opportunities that empower them to lift themselves out of poverty.


Elie learned a lot visiting Guatemala with CoEd…now she’s sharing that knowledge with her classmates through our School to School program and fundraising to help give back. “I know I’m only 11, but it was a life-changing experience to meet those kids in Guatemala,” she said. “Those kids are no different than we are, except they don’t have the same resources we have. To help them means the world to me.”


As a small business owner, Phil is stepping up in a big way by placing a collection jar at each of his retail stores with the goal of matching each store with a student through our Rise Youth Development Program.


Mario’s company Megapaca, a major retailer in Guatemala, hosts an annual “Dia del Buen Chapín” (Day of the Good Guatemalan), during which they give a portion of the day’s profits to local charities, including CoEd! Mario says, “A ‘Good Guatemalan’ is one who commits himself to becoming an active part of the solution”—just like Mario and Megapaca have done.


Cristian has been instrumental in connecting CoEd to the Rotary world in Guatemala. He is an active part of our worldwide network with Rotarians, the Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) and has also supported CoEd personally. He even reached out to CoEd to help host a visit from 2017-2018 Rotary International President Ian Riseley at our Education Center campus in Guatemala, dramatically increasing our visibility to Rotarians worldwide.

Robert & Donna

Although Robert and Donna have moved a lot internationally (including Tokyo, Chile, and Australia!), they’ve remained constant in their support of CoEd, which they consider their favorite charity.

Stephen & Judy

“We donate monthly to CoEd because of our love for the Guatemalan people and our love for our many Guatemalan friends and because our best friend, Luis Archila, always said that an education is the way that the people of Guatemala can change their lives, their communities, and their country! CoEd is an important part of this process in Guatemala.”


Dee and her family set up a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), so that they could give jointly as a family and begin to teach the next generation about philanthropy and wise giving. CoEd was the lucky first recipient of their generosity! “CoEd runs on passion and efficiency that is unparalleled in my experience,” Dee says.


Barb has given her time and expertise for several years, putting her party planning skills to use to make CoEd’s annual fundraising event, Fall Fiesta, a smashing success.

Carol & Dan

Carol’s company, Clorox, makes it easy for her to magnify her impact in Guatemala through its employee giving program. Carol says, “Each year when I choose what organization to donate to, I try to find someone who provides as much money as possible to the people in need in an impactful way, and I knew that our donation would have an impact with CoEd.


After his first tour to Guatemala, Chris was inspired to create the Run Ride Read fundraising challenge. By taking part in several marathons, he biked, ran, and swam 640 miles (the distance between Guatemala and his home in the Cayman Islands), raising more than $18,000 to support literacy efforts!


No matter how you choose to give, people from all walks of life can truly make a difference in Guatemala. What creative way will YOU find to get involved?

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