Our Results

How do we know our programs work?


We evaluate the success of our programs each year using tools like standardized pre- and post-tests, surveys, and interviews. Our Spark Reading Program even has results from a Randomized Control Trial (RCT), which is the gold standard of evaluation. Check out the highlights below!

The Spark Reading Program (formerly CORP)

  • Spark Classroom
  • Regular Classroom

Spark students are learning twice as much as kids in regular classrooms.


Drop in Failure Rates

Failure rates in Spark schools typically drop by 30%.

I’ve been teaching for 16 years, and I can tell you that it used to take students up to two years to learn to read well. Now they reach the same level in three months.

Dora Maria

First- and Second-Grade Teacher at Agua Dulce Primary School


The Textbook Program


More Class Time

With textbooks, program teachers have 25% more time to engage their students in questions, discussion, and critical thinking.


Have Renewed Their Books

91% of schools that have been active in the program for more than 5 years have renewed their books at least once through the revolving fund.

With the books, the class becomes more student-oriented. I’m not the only one who has the benefit of access to materials and information—now [my students] can verify what I say and challenge me.

Eladi Chiquin Chaman

Science Teacher at La Parroquia Middle School


The Computer Program


Study or Work After Graduating

95% of graduates find a job or continue their education in high school.


Say the Program Was Useful

98% of graduates say the program was useful in preparing them for what they do now.

I got really excited when I saw all of the laptops, because I had never touched one. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to study with computers. The computer will be a tool I can use to defend myself against any problems I face.

Cande Daniela

Eighth-grader at Chitay Las Rosas Middle School


The Rise Program


Graduate from High School

Without a scholarship, only 10% of impoverished students graduate from high school. With a Rise scholarship, 90% do.


Help Their Siblings Out of Poverty

53% of graduates are helping to pay for their younger siblings’ education.

The Rise Program gave me the opportunity to develop my potential. Limits only exist in your mind.

Brenda Sactic

Rise Program Graduate