This Is a Typical Story.

Ancelma goes to school in rural Guatemala. Most of her classmates have dropped out, and now it’s her turn. Her parents, who are illiterate and make about $4 a day, need her to join them in the fields. Even though her school has no computers or books, she knows it is her best chance for a better future. Now that future seems impossible.

But You Can Rewrite It.

What if, instead, she found the resources to stay in school? In Guatemala, a high school diploma opens a world of opportunities, especially for poor children like Ancelma, who often start their careers making four times more money than their father. That money educates their siblings, and eventually, their children—creating a ripple effect that shatters the cycle of poverty.

Transforming Guatemala Is Our Passion.

Attacking the Root


We target the root cause of poverty by implementing programs that help kids develop skills to secure better-paying jobs.

Deep Development


Our laser focus on Guatemala allows us to layer our programs and help students achieve more than they ever dreamed was possible.

Community Engagement


We partner with local teachers, parents, and education officials so that everyone has a hand in forging new opportunities for students.


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We design our programs to survive into the future by using self-sustainable models and investing in the skills of students and teachers.

Run Like a Business

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We won the coveted four-star rating from Charity Navigator for our focus on transparency, accountability, and measurable results.

We Prove It


Explore our interactive map and dig in to our results to see exactly how your support helps children in Guatemala.