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Small Business Spotlight

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

CoEd supporters are the greatest. You’re generous, kind, silly, adventurous, compassionate, and a little competitive, too. (We’re talking about you, Rick and Rich!) Each of you has a story of what motivates you to help students in Guatemala and it gives us great pleasure to learn them. As we reflect (and celebrate you!) during Supporter Appreciation Month, we’ve been struck at how many among you are small business owners.

Owning your own business has always been part of the proverbial “American Dream”. And what often happens when that business begins to see success? Greed takes over and profit becomes king, right? Not for these businesses. They are using their success and entrepreneurial spirit to make a positive impact in the world.  We’re continually surprised by the out-of-the-box ways that you find to help children in Guatemala get a better education and overcome poverty, and we want to highlight a few business owners who inspire us.


Friday Photo Fiesta: Donor Thank You Events

Friday, April 25th, 2014

As we near the end of Donor Appreciation Month at CoEd we wanted one last hurrah to celebrate those who are in the “inner circle” of CoEd supporters —members of the Literacy and Learning Society, Legacy Society, on the Board of Trustees and those who have traveled with us to Guatemala.  Here is a glimpse of the fun events they enjoyed this week!

Sad you didn’t get an invite? Join us on the next Snapshot Tour and you can be invited to next event for Tour Veterans! Or consider joining our Literacy and Learning Society or Legacy Society to ensure that children in Guatemala will continue to break the cycle of poverty for many years to come.


Members of the Literacy and Learning Society enjoyed a nice view of the Ohio River and a cold brew at the Yard House Cincinnati.

CoEd2014_DonorTY_02 (more…)

Donor Spotlight: Mimi and CECE Global

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

As Donor Appreciation Month continues, we’d like to introduce you to another one of our stellar donors–Mimi Gingold! Mimi took her 30+ years of experience as an educator and started CECE Global, a company that connects people from different cultures for greater awareness and understanding in the world. But CECE Global is no ordinary cultural exchange company; they donate ALL profits to charity! Can you see where this is going yet…? :)

CoEd2010_Snapshot_Feb_Holly - 181

Mimi hands out pencils during a school visit in Guatemala

Mimi’s passion for education and her love for Guatemala make CoEd a perfect recipient for CECE Global’s profits. Thanks to the company’s success, Mimi has been able to sponsor the Culture of Reading Program at the entire Urbana Integral primary school in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. That is 24 classrooms of 698 students (more…)

Patty Milner in the Donor Spotlight

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

April is Donor Appreciation Month here at CoEd and we’re so happy to introduce you to a few stellar supporters over the next few weeks both here and on Facebook!   Today we’d like you to meet Patty Milner.  

CoEd2012_julsnap_jenn - 023

Patty is a volunteer extraordinaire for CoEd!

Patty has been a dedicated volunteer for more than two years after hearing about us through the Stuff You Should Know podcasts and seeing the programs up close and personal on a Snapshot Tour. She’s used her astounding expertise in education research for volunteer projects (more…)