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Win a Luxury African Safari for Only $20

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Who doesn’t remember being six years old, face to face with a huge, gorgeous elephant? The elephant takes giant step after giant step towards you, all before opening its mouth to enormous dimensions to take in some well-earned grass from the savanna. The sun glows brightly overhead while the herd’s baby elephants spend some playtime in the nearby watering hole. Then, suddenly, your mom calls your name, the herd scatters, and poof! You’re startled out of your daydream.

Around here, most of us aren’t lucky enough to actually get to see an elephant in the wild. But YOU may get to live out your wildest childhood daydreams because…

This year’s luxury raffle winner will enjoy a six-day, six-night South African Safari for two!

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How could you say no to that adorable face?


The adventures of Juan and Maria

Monday, October 6th, 2014

No, we’re not talking about the title of a new storybook for CORP. We’re talking about the many adventures of siblings Juan and Maria Tacaxoy! They traveled all the way from Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala to the United States to speak at Fall Fiesta, and have had quite the whirlwind tour of the US in the weeks leading up to the big event.

They have absolutely L-O-V-E-D spending time with their various host families, and have been able to experience so many new things during their stay.

Be sure to join us for Fall Fiesta on October 18th to hear from Juan and Maria yourself! They can’t wait to see you.

Without further ado, we present the adventures of Juan and Maria:

Juan and Maria flew to Aspen, CO to speak to multiple Rotary clubs about how they can help students in Guatemala. Maria was surprised by a cocktail hour before one big event, saying, “I thought this sort of thing only happened in movies!” In their free time, they got to enjoy the gorgeous Aspen landscape by hiking and getting to see the leaves changes colors for the very first time in their lives!


Not a bad view…


Hiking with Holly End, CoEd’s development director, and Tom Clark, an Aspen Rotarian and incredibly gracious host!

Next, Juan and Maria headed back to Cincinnati to spend some quality time with their dear friends Joe and Rebecca Berninger. This was the first time in ten years that Rebecca and Maria had seen each other. Things have certainly come full circle from that fateful day so many years ago when Rebecca and Maria met for the first time and Maria’s life was changed by the generosity of a stranger. They packed in a lot of activities, including trips to the Cincinnati Zoo, the Indy Children’s Museum, Fountain Square, and Oktoberfest! (more…)

5 Reasons to Buy Your Fall Fiesta Ticket RIGHT NOW

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

reasons to attend Fall Fiesta

Ahh, fall. That magical time of year when the leaves turn brilliant shades of orange, red, and burnt sienna (yeah, I had the expansion pack of Crayola crayons as a child), and everyone agrees that pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING is like sooooo delicious.  But that’s not all autumn has to offer. It’s also time for Cincinnati’s favorite party of the year: Fall Fiesta. Here are five reasons you need to buy your ticket to this fun-filled event RIGHT NOW.

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Bob Herzog is our emcee extraordinaire for the evening. Of Channel 12 “Dance Party Friday” fame, Bob is the most hilarious news anchor you’re likely to ever meet, and he’s all ours for the evening of October 18th! Check out his song parody from the movie “Frozen”. You won’t be sorry.


We have an astounding array of great live auction packages this year, including two tickets to the 2015 MLB All Star Game and Home Run Derby held right here in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is not a typo. You will actually have the chance to bid on these incredibly difficult to procure tickets. Click here to view the entire list of live auction items.

If you attend this game, you're pretty much guaranteed to become best friends with Todd Frazier. It's a fact. Photo courtesy of

If you attend this game, you’re pretty much guaranteed to become best friends with Todd Frazier. It’s a fact. Photo courtesy of



VIP Fall Fiesta Guests (besides you, of course)

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

In June, we announced the date of Fall Fiesta 2014: A Stroll through the Markets of Guatemala (Saturday, October 18, 2014, in case you need a refresher). Get ready for Big Announcement Part Deux…

Two VIPs will be attending Fall Fiesta to share their special story with YOU.

Juan and Maria Tacaxoy

Juan and Maria Tacaxoy want to meet you at Fall Fiesta!

Some of you have met the Tacaxoy family. Many of you have heard of them. All of you now have the chance to meet Maria and Juan Tacaxoy at Fall Fiesta. That’s right; this sibling duo is traveling all the way from Guatemala to Cincinnati to meet you.

Maria Tacaxoy (6)

Here’s little Maria when we first met her over a decade ago.

Maria Tacaxoy is the oldest of four children. We met when a group of volunteers spent the morning at her elementary school on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Santiago Atitlan. Maria was on the verge of dropping out of school when she met Joe and Rebecca Berninger (you may have heard of  them…) when they visited her school in Santiago Atitlan. Fortuitously, bright, young Maria was accepted into CoEd’s Scholarship & Youth Development program so she could continue her education! (more…)

Top 6 Reasons this was the Best Fall Fiesta Ever

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU for all of your support surrounding Fall Fiesta: Welcome to the Jungle of Tikal. We hope you had as much fun as we did (and we had a lot of fun). Let’s recap a few of the new features that made this (dare we say it) the BEST FALL FIESTA YET:

6. New Venue: Paul Brown Stadium was classy, fun and had a stellar view of downtown Cincinnati. We’re going to chalk this one up as a victory. Plus, if you had a little forethought, you could sneak down to the locker room and wait for the Bengals players to show up… that’s not creepy, that’s being a good fan!

Downtown from PBS

And this was while it was still light outside—once evening hit…wow!

5. New Fashion Statement: Everyone got into the bow tie spirit at Fall Fiesta, and rocked it like there was no tomorrow! It didn’t hurt that BowTie Cause’s Dhani Jones was present to help tie one on. Check out our very own Joe Berninger chat with Fox19 and Dhani about CoEd’s custom bow tie. Upset that you haven’t snagged one yet? Click here to order yours!