For the past 24 years, Cooperative for Education has fought against poverty, racism, and injustice in Guatemala. We seek to provide educational opportunities to rural, indigenous Guatemalans, who have historically suffered the highest levels of discrimination and exclusion. Consistent with these principles, we, along with our supporters, oppose racism and discrimination in all forms and in all places.

We are being challenged to go beyond educating those we serve in rural Guatemala and educate ourselves about the layered ways that racism and systemic discrimination perpetuate the cycle of generational poverty, both in Guatemala and the United States.

CoEd is committed to the following action steps:

First, developing a deeper understanding of how we play a role in systemic racism and how we can enact positive change in response.

Second, continuing to diversify our staff, boards, and committees.

Third, providing paid time off for all employees to exercise their right to vote. We must all do our part and this list is only the start.