For years your gifts have helped Guatemalan communities—some of the poorest and most illiterate people in the world—transform their quality of education. And those gifts continue to help today, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although schools are closed in Guatemala, 26,800 students in 207 schools still have access to high-quality CoEd textbooks that allow them to continue learning from home.

Former Textbook Program Coordinator Mario Yac, who now works for the Ministry of Education, took to Facebook to congratulate and thank CoEd for the Textbook Program.

“It’s the perfect resource to train students without much income who seek to learn and overcome obstacles to have better opportunities in life. I say this because inside the country of Guatemala, there are families without electricity and, therefore, don’t have access to the good efforts that the Ministry of Education is implementing by facilitating classes on TV. Although the most needy are excluded from the TV classes, they have the blessing of participating in the CoEd Textbook Program. When they study with the textbooks, they automatically receive training based on the national curriculum. Students are able to consult the textbooks every day at home and this is an example of the sustainability of the Textbook Program in the most vulnerable parts of our society.

Mario Yac

Former Textbook Program Coordinator & Current Guatemala Ministry of Education Staff

Teacher after teacher replied to Mario’s post, affirming the positive impact the Textbook Program is having on their students during this time.

“Without a doubt, CoEd’s textbooks are very valuable tools for our students during these difficult times for the country. Through them, they can learn from home through books that are adapted directly to the national curriculum.

Garcia Ana Zuley

Textbook Program Teacher at Xenacoj Nacional

Watch the video below to learn more about how CoEd, especially our sustainable Textbook Program, is leading the way as Guatemala’s Ministry of Education struggles—much like our own school systems—to reach kids with education during stay-at-home orders.

It’s thanks to your support over the years that we’ve built a strong network of educational resources that is leading the way in helping students continue their education during these challenging times. Rest assured that even now, your support of CoEd remains a valuable and much-needed way to give back to our global community—to reassure our Guatemalan brothers and sisters that we’re all in this together.