Fall Fiesta rocked (3)

The bid paddles have been packed. The auction items have been distributed. The numbers have been crunched.

Let’s count down the top four reasons that this year’s Fall Fiesta totally ROCKED, shall we?

4. Yummy Food! From the bacon-wrapped scallops to the fajita bar to the Bavarian-style pretzel sticks handed out at check-out, we ate well, and we ate often.

3. Framester! You know what’s better than taking pictures? Taking pictures with Guatemalan scarves, plastic fruit and fake mustaches. Framester brought a great new element to the event this year, documenting our fun-loving supporters and their super stellar smiles.

Like I said, Guatemalan scarves and fake fruit really brings people together...

Guatemalan scarves and fake fruit really bring people together…

2. Bob Herzog! In three words–He killed it. Entertaining, friendly, jocular, awesome, did we mention entertaining, Bob Herzog brought new energy to the auction by keeping things up tempo and fun. Bob, if you’re reading this, is it too soon to say we love you? Because we do (we can’t help it; the heart wants what the heart wants).

Bob Herzog emcee

1. Another record breaking total! So, about those numbers being crunched… No big deal or anything, but we had another record-setting event, bringing in $155,000. That’s right–ONE. FIVE. FIVE.

Whoa. That is the most money we have ever raised at Fall Fiestaand it is all thanks to your generosity. We are speechless. Luckily, our keynote speakers for the night, Juan and Maria Tacaxoy, are not, so we will let them thank you in their own words:

We are truly grateful to each and every one of you for making Fall Fiesta so special. Thank you a thousand times over. We are honored to call you part of the CoEd family. $155,000 is going to help us continue our mission of breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education. And that, my friends, definitely rocks.

Fall Fiesta Survey: If you attended Fall Fiesta this year, please help us out by filling out this two-minute survey by November 1, 2014. To thank you for your time, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a ticket to next year’s event.

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What was your favorite part of Fall Fiesta this year?