Once again, we came together virtually for Cooperative for Education’s premiere fundraiser event, Fall Fiesta! CoEd supporters from all around the globe joined us online to celebrate, raise funds for a shared cause, and connect with friends and family.

We know what you’re thinking now. How much did we actually raise at this year’s Fall Fiesta? Well… you’ll just have to keep reading to find out!

Come along with us as we remember the top five highlights from Fall Fiesta 2022 and reveal our grand total for the evening.

5. We Celebrated 25 Years of Bringing Our Mission To Life

This year marks 25 years of collectively working towards CoEd’s mission for underserved students and teachers across Guatemala.

To celebrate this huge milestone, we invited current and past CoEd team members to share how our organization was founded and has changed over two and a half decades. In the livestream program, we hear from Guatemalan students, teachers, local facilitators, and more. Everyone did such a wonderful job!

4. We Had Some Pretty Amazing Silent Auction Packages

We raised great support for our Guatemalan students, teachers, and programs through the silent auction this year, which brought CoEd supporters from all over the globe together to bid on some pretty awesome stuff!

Items up for grabs included handmade Guatemalan goods, luxury vacations, virtual meet and greets with some very cool people (*cough* Stuff You Should Know hosts *cough*), and even mystery gifts. You name it, we had it!

3. We Got Together With Board Members, Longtime Friends, & Supporters

Some CoEd team members from L to R: Holly Schnapf, Ann Dempsey, Jessica Stieritz, Jenn Archila, Abby Gaide, and Emily Paver

Even with a virtual event, we still managed to have some in-person fun! In celebration of our 25th anniversary of breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education, we came together with board members, longtime friends, and supporters for a Fall Fiesta FIESTA watch party!

Cheers to 25 more years 🥂

2. Five Rise Students Were Sponsored!

Thanks to YOU, five more students in our Rise Youth Development Program were matched with a sponsor that night and are now receiving a life-changing scholarship!

After graduating from high school, these students often make four to five times more than their parents, with 87% continuing their studies after high school.

1. All to Help Break the Cycle of Poverty in Guatemala

Whether virtually or in person, you continue to show up and show out to help us fulfill our mission of breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education. We can never thank you enough!

With that being said, we’re pleased to announce that by the end of our third virtual Fall Fiesta, YOU had raised a grand total of …


We couldn’t have done it without you and had so much fun celebrating 25 years of bringing our mission to life. This funding will support our four crucial educational programs across Guatemala, impacting the lives of so many underserved students and teachers.


Missed the livestream event? Don’t worry!