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Almost a month has passed since we returned from Guatemala on our Summer 2022 project tour. Can you believe it?! We can’t! With so many new friendships and memories created, this trip was one for the books!

So buckle up because we’re about to share with you 6 of some of the BEST (and maybe one chaotic 😅) moments from Summer Tour 2022!! In no particular order, of course.


#6: Getting Caught in a Storm Across Lake Atitlán

🎶 If you like storms on Lake Atitlan and getting caught in the rain. 🎶

Or we think that’s how the song goes. Corny jokes aside, the team experienced a bit of chaos when they crossed Lake Atitlan in the middle of a storm. Look at that view, though! Worth it, we must say.



#5: Painting Classrooms at the Chajalajya School

We can’t forget about the service aspect of our tours! Our tours sometimes include activities like painting school buildings or classrooms, and this summer trip was no exception! It was a paintbrush party to remember! 🥳


#4: Riding in Trucks Through Santiago

From boat rides to truck rides, we did it all and in style. 😎


#3: Visiting a Weaving Cooperative

In Santiago, Atitlan, the group was able to tour a weaving cooperative to learn more about this art form commonly passed down from generation to generation. In Guatemala, these intricate hand-made textiles can represent someone’s place of origin, language, interests, and even personality traits!


#2: Visiting the Bambú Hotel & Rise Graduate, Juan T.

The tour group was honored to share a meal with Rise Program graduate Juan Tacaxoy and his family at his beautiful place of work, the Bambú Hotel. Executive Director, Joe Berninger, excitedly told the story of how Juan became one of our first students to graduate from the Rise Program and break the cycle of poverty in his family! (Read this fun story about the time Juan and his sister, Maria, traveled to the United States with us here.)


#1: Playing Games with Students

Who doesn’t love piñatas—or candy? 🍬 The team had a blast playing games with all of the students. It was a day filled with fun, from hitting fruit-shaped piñatas to playing soccer!


We’re not trying to hog all the fun—want to experience Guatemala for yourself?