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It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close in just a couple of days!!! With fall (and Fall Fiesta 😉) right around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to reflect on our amazing tour experiences during the warmer months. So keep it cool for the summer with us as we roll out our TOP 6 unforgettable highlights from Helping Hands 2023—in no particular order, as always. 😎

#6: Painting Activity at El Calvario School

If you’re looking for a fun-filled service trip, look no further than Helping Hands! This tour is the ULTIMATE way to give back. Our volunteers take on projects alongside students in one of our Spark Reading Program schools. It’s the definition of work hard, play hard, and this summer’s tour was no exception! Our participants had a blast participating in a painting activity at El Calvario.

#5: Rise Program Activities at the CoEd Education Center

One of the best experiences our volunteers get to have on any CoEd Tour is hanging with Rise Program students and their local facilitators at the CoEd Education Center in San Lucas. Our participants had a great time connecting with them and swapping stories. To top it off, the students wowed our volunteers with incredible cultural activities and dances, showcasing awesome talent!

#4: Seeing Phenomenal Spark Teachers In Action

Our educators are absolutely amazing! They make a massive difference in the classroom, and we can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication. At El Calvario, we saw a teacher who was a TRUE superhero in action. Witnessing their incredible teaching skills learned partly through our Spark Program was an unbelievable experience we will never forget.

#3: De La Gente Coffee Tour

Coffee break, anyone? ☕ Our crew made a quick pit stop to experience one of Guatemala’s most prized exports—coffee! The De La Gente Coffee Tour was such a cool experience for volunteers, who got to go behind the scenes to learn more about coffee production and the lives of the local farmers who made it all possible. It was the perfect way to relax and recharge. A huge THANK YOU to the De La Gente team for having us!

#2: Rise Program Home Visits

It’s always an honor when our Rise students welcome us into their homes. These visits are so incredibly touching. They allow us to see firsthand the positive impact that the program has had on the lives of these young people and their families. The families warmly welcomed our volunteers and were able to connect with them on a deep and meaningful level.

#1: Connections Made

This summer was PACKED with so much fun, laughter, and countless memories. Our volunteers had the privilege of interacting with students, teachers, and families and put in tremendous effort to positively impact the lives of those we serve. We express our gratitude to the students and teachers who welcomed us all with open arms, and we thank our Tours Team, who make all of this possible every year!

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