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Remember our new friend Carol Cain? She traveled to Guatemala with us on the Snapshot Tour and has gone and given us some love from her corner of the internet. Carol writes,

“I met principals and teachers who go without getting paid for months, yet come to work everyday to educate the children who count on their guidance to move forward. I saw excitement in children’s eyes as they opened the pages of a newly donated book and read the words for the first time. I heard students both still in the programs and as graduates, talk about how CoEd changed their lives and made their dreams come true. And I saw CoEd leaders, many of them former students in the programs, as well as active members in the communities where they live and work in, talk about the pride they have in their work and their passion for the same.”

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Carol has quite the way with words as she helps readers understand the deep problems in the developing world and how CoEd’s programs address the needs of the educational community in Guatemala. She writes to beautifully weave together a picture that is much larger than a description of how the programs work or a simplified picture of poverty, but entrusts the reader with a complete tapestry showing the complexity of poverty. Enjoy all of Carol’s piece on Girl Gone Travel.