books are awesome

We know it. You know it. And thanks to your generosity, more kids in Guatemala will soon know it too!

The new school year starts next week in Guatemala, and the Textbook team is hard at work preparing the seven new schools that are entering the Textbook Program this year.  This means that 1,080 MORE Guatemalan students will have textbooks in their hands this school year (woot woot)!

You know what else is awesome?

Our signature program is expanding (woot woot woot!! Too much? Fine, we’ll stick with the double woot).  After seeing the profound impact teacher training has had in CORP, we’re taking those lessons and expanding training for the Textbook Program teachers too. 

Mario Yac and the Textbook team are holding training sessions all week long—giving the teachers practical strategies, hands on demos, and coaching for how to better use textbooks in the classroom. This training will ensure that the teachers maximize the benefits of these donated textbooks, leading to lasting, sustainable change.

Make us proud, Mario and team.  Show everyone how awesome books are!