A big part of our Culture of Reading Program (endearingly referred to as CORP) is providing primary school teachers with up to 192 high-quality story books to foster the love of reading in their students. We are often asked about the books we provide—thus our newest segment, the CORP Book Review, where we will give you a look into some of the pretty amazing and fun books being utilized to encourage and inspire kids in Guatemala to immerse themselves in reading. Here we go!

Randall's favorite book is De Paseo Por La Selva. Find out why!

Second grader Randall’s favorite book is De Paseo Por La Selva. Find out why!

Ok, so Lions and Tigers and Quetzales, Oh My isn’t actually the name of our first book (although act like that wouldn’t be a best-seller. I think I’m in the wrong business). The title is De Paseo Por La Selva, or Walking in the Jungle, and it follows a young girl as she encounters all sorts of different creatures and habitats across the globe. Not only does this ambitious child travel around the world, but she makes it home in time for dinner. Efficiency at its finest.

CoEd Book Review

Randall showing off his sweet crocodile headgear. Looking fierce, Randall!

De Paseo Por La Selva has been a huge hit with the CORP students, and they all like to pick out their own favorite animal from the story. Randall loves the  crocodile, as evidenced by the huge grin on his face as he puts on his crocodile helmet and proudly reads to us from his favorite book.

What was your favorite childhood story?