Not too often do you see someone get the opportunity to return home and give back to the community that raised them, but Diego, at age 28, is doing just that!

During his studies at Hacienda María, Diego took advantage of the textbooks and computers provided by Cooperative for Education (CoEd). 

Today, Diego teaches technology classes in the same Computer Center where he once studied!

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Diego is so thankful for the CoEd programs at Hacienda María, not just because he was able to learn how to use a computer and turn those skills into a career, but because he was able to learn—and now teach!—so many valuable, lifelong skills. 

When speaking of his time as a student at a CoEd Computer Center, Diego says that they were taught to be respectful, and punctual, and to always submit their homework on time. In addition, he says, “I was able to meet donors in 2009, and from there, my passion for working with CoEd began.”

When Diego first started studying at Hacienda María, the lab was furnished with the same boxy, old, white monitors they’d received when entering the program. Imagine Diego’s surprise when, a few years later, the machines were replaced with brand-new, high-quality machines!

Thanks to the labs’ innovative revolving fund model, which requires students’ families to contribute a small fee each year, Computer Centers can save up to replace their equipment about every six years, ensuring that students are always learning with the most up-to-date technology!

Diego (back row, far left) poses proudly with his students who received the Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Excel—an unheard of achievement for most rural Guatemalan youth! 

Diego reports that if other schools in the local area even have computers, maybe 2 out of 15 actually work. But he hears from parents all the time, “I send my son here to Hacienda María because you have a good laboratory!” Parents are so thankful that the CoEd Computer Center at Hacienda María ensures quality education for their children.

To get his students even more excited for class, in 2019, Diego decided to offer them the opportunity to take the test for a Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Excel—a huge opportunity in Guatemala! 18 students took the exam, and all 18 passed!

One student, Joselyn Xiquin, even scored 960 out of 1000 on the test—almost a perfect score! And her twin sister,  Jackelyn, scored 961! 

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Diego has a lot of goals for his students, but a lot for himself as well. He hopes to one day get his Master’s degree. Despite all the sacrifices he has made to be a teacher, the kindness and care he receives in return are more than enough. He wishes to keep being an innovator. He does not want to be like other educators who settle into a routine—Diego wants to continually explore new ways of educating others. 

Diego is proof that thanks to the revolving fund model, your generosity can dramatically transform education for these rural communities for generations to come!


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