Every year, Fall Fiesta gets bigger, better, and more colorful than ever before! And this year was no exception. Let’s take a look back at the top five highlights from Fall Fiesta 2019, including the record-breaking total that YOU helped raise for students in Guatemala!

Read on to see what guests like Paul, Chris, Rony, and Rose experienced at Fall Fiesta 2019.

5. The Greatest Showman

This year’s Fall Fiesta was emceed by the ever-energetic and always-entertaining, Chris Bailey! And did you see his suit? I mean how could you miss it? Move over Gucci…this 100% polyester, multi-colored, flowered suit came straight from Amazon itself. As our Director of Philanthropy, Ann Dempsey, said on stage, “We would have gotten you flowers Chris but you are already wearing them!” Only someone who truly cares about the kids in Guatemala would travel all the way from the Cayman Islands and wear this suit on stage—and it paid off!

Chris Bailey sporting his famous, flowered suit!

CoEd staffer, Katie Dawson, and emcee, Chris Bailey, enjoying the evening at Music Hall.

4. Fun and Games

Guests from all over gathered in Music Hall and spent the evening dining, drinking, bidding on auction packages, and⁠—of course⁠—trying their luck at the wine ring toss. With wine from all over the world up for grabs, guests put their hand-eye coordination to the test to win themselves a bottle…or five!

Guests gathered around the wine ring toss to test their skills.

Winners had their choice of wine from all over the world.

3. Lives Changed

After hearing about Edwin and Yesica, two graduates of the Rise Youth Development Program, the crowd sprang into action with their bid paddles in hand to make a change for more students in need. In less than 11 seconds, 11 students were sponsored! That means that in less time than it took you to read this paragraph, 11 students’ lives⁠—and their families’⁠—changed for the better thanks to the generosity of individuals like you. Now that’s what we call a successful evening!

John Keleher raising his bid paddle to sponsor not one, but TWO Rise students!

10 of the 11 students who were sponsored in only a matter of seconds.

2. Friends from Near and Far

It wouldn’t be a party without the amazing people who come to show their support! There is nothing better than reuniting with old friends. Or meeting new friendly faces that you might see on a CoEd tour in the future (wink wink). It was incredible to see everyone sharing a common passion for breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education.

A heartfelt reunion between old friends.

Guests enjoying the lively bidding with their tables.

1. Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Guatemala!

Drumroll please…

After a magical evening filled with laughs, good times, and a whole bunch of generosity, you all raised a record-breaking total of $223,000! Hold on…let us say that one more time…because we can’t believe it!


Fall Fiesta 2019 was one for the books (literally)! Now, more Guatemalan students than ever will have access to high-quality children’s books, sustainable textbook programs, fully-functioning computer centers, and youth development opportunities that they would have otherwise never had.

We’re with you Rosie! Another round of applause for everyone who supported Fall Fiesta in-person and online!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that made Fall Fiesta such a fun and memorable evening! We can’t wait to see you all next year for Fall Fiesta 2020!