Sometimes CoEd doesn’t know when to quit…like when a style dies. We’re still going strong on zip-off pants (cough, cough, Howard Lobb) and best of all… fanny packs.  For this installation of Friday Photo Fiesta here are a few of our favorite fanny pack photos from over the years.

Because, if you can’t laugh at yourself, life gets boring.

Fanny Pack Styles 2013

circa 2013

Fanny pack 2012

circa 2012

2012 fanny pack

The girls are clearly not impressed with Joe’s fanny pack. 2012

fanny pack 2007

circa 2007

2006 fanny pack styles

circa 2006

And I’m pretty sure if we dug through the archives we could find even more evidence that bad style dies hard. But we’ll quit while we’re ahead on this post.

For our next installment? Staff hairstyles through the years.