Dusty trip to school

In a rare occurance, the busses couldn’t make it up the road to the school. Determined to deliver much needed school resources, everyone jumped into the back of the pickup trucks to make it to the school (almost) on time.

Transportation can be an adventure in itself when we have volunteers with us on a Project Tour.  In a decade and a half of bringing volunteers to Guatemala we’ve seen our staff and volunteers rally to face it all!


If the boat ride across Lake Atitlan wasn’t enough, these volunteers jumped in pickups to reach a remote village to inaugurate a CoEd Computer Center!

Boat Ride

If Joe gets to telling too many embarrassing staff stories he might be risking life and limb.

Pushing the bus

Minor engine trouble wouldn’t stop these volunteers either! They were bound and determined to reach the school.

Chicken Bus in Guatemala

Falling into the “always colorful” category, Chicken buses are a vibrant part of the roadways in Guatemala.

Have you ever faced a transportation adventure when traveling in a foreign country?