This happy edition of Friday Photo Fiesta we want to share a few of the photos from the Culture of Reading Program schools we visited during the Summer Project Tours. We have such hopes for the kiddos at these schools and are excited by the changes we’ve seen in their learning environment already!

CoEd2014_JulySnap_Jenn - 4989

The CORP teachers at El Sitio were grateful to have new bookcases to store their storybooks!

CoEd2014_JulySnap_Jenn - 4749

CORP forms engaged students who are eager to learn!

Guatemalan student

CoEd2014_JulySnap_Jenn - 4671

In the upper grades, CORP students work on predicting what will happen in the story. What do you predict their life story will be?

CoEd2014_JulySnap_Howard - 4171

I guess this was everyone’s favorite book! They all wanted to read it!

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