Fireworks are an important (and fun!) part of Guatemalan culture. On your birthday, you get to wake up to the loudest firecrackers going off outside your window starting at about 4:00am! And if you have the privilege of traveling to Guatemala on a Snapshot Tour, you might see fireworks attached to a person (yikes!) or shot off indoors (double yikes!). We definitely do NOT recommend trying either one this weekend. In honor of Independence Day in the USA, enjoy a few Guatemalan fireworks for this edition of Friday Photo Fiesta.

Bull Fireworks in Guatemala

There’s often an accompanying dance with this bull of fireworks. It’s your lucky day if you’re chosen as matador.


Dance of the Diablo

Yes, those are fireworks attached to his costume as well.

Fireworks inside

Fireworks inside?


Sometimes 2 or 3 of these are lit at once. Plug your ears, folks!

Renee's reaction to fireworks

That terrifying moment just before fireworks go off inside.

Into fireworks photography? Our friend Beth over at Beers & Beans has some excellent tips if you hope to capture fireworks at night this fourth of July.

What’s the best fireworks show you’ve ever been to?