Remember that major announcement we made this week? You know, the one about the new scholarship student webpage where you can actually read the bios of incoming Guatemalan students and select which kid you would like to sponsor? Welp, we’re still pretty excited (ok, really excited), so let’s keep the scholarship theme going with this edition of Friday Photo Fiesta, and highlight the recent activities of our current scholarship students.

Cooperative for Education’s Scholarship and Youth Development Program is unique thanks to its youth development component.  Samuel Buc, the Scholarship Program Coordinator, arranges some really engaging, educational and fun workshops and activities for the students to build real-world skills that will help them succeed in the long run. Check out these recent photos of the team building and entrepreneurship workshops, as well as an activity about Lombricultura—that is, organic worm composting!

Sack racing with students

What better way to build team spirit than with a field day complete with sack races
and 3-legged competitions?!

Soccer with the Scholarship students

No day of team building in Guatemala would be complete without a soccer game!

Worm composting workshop

Organic worm composting is a fascinating process that is important for organic farmers. With agriculture being so important to the scholarship students’ families, this workshop was a must!

Worm composting workshop with scholarship students

The students tend a garden in the school courtyard, so the organic compost will aid in maintaining the garden.

student working in garden

Tending the garden is a duty shared by all the scholarship students as one way they “pay back” their scholarship.

Entrepreneurship workshop

A recent workshop stressed the importance of entrepreneurship—an important concept for forming Guatemala’s next business leaders.

Have you ever participated in team-building exercises? How about worm composting? 🙂