Twice a year we happily host CoEd supporters in Guatemala, but never seem to have enough opportunities to thank them for their hard work.  So, as Donor Appreciation month wraps up, we would like to take a moment to applaud some of our most amazing super-duper supporters! We are so incredibly grateful to have such a diverse supporter base that spans careers, generations, states, and even country lines.

We applaud each and every one of you for how you are changing the lives of students in Guatemala (even though we only have space to feature a few)!  Students like Roberto Ixcot and Abner Aguilar have received life changing help because of you.  Listen to a brief (and adorable) message from these students:

Without further ado, some of the selfless individuals who have joined us in the trenches over the years…

Don and Carol Bilse

Don and Carol Bilse from Peoria, AZ spend time with students in the Culture of Reading Program.

Phil Summe

Phil Summe from San Francisco, CA had the chance to share a few photos with students in rural Guatemala after volunteer activities.

Rotarians at work

Derek Haines and Alan Roffey from the Cayman Islands hard at work as they deliver first-ever textbooks to students in Guatemala.

Joni Ellis with girls

Rotarian Joni Ellis shared photos from her life in Summit County, CO after inaugurating the textbook program at Las Majadas school.

Canadian Colin Thacker

Canadian Colin Thacker was captivated by the success of these students from Francisco Coll primary—a place where kids living by the Guatemala City dump can receive an education.

Along with all the students who benefit from your help, we are so grateful for all you do!