Kacie Baldwin

Kacie Baldwin with a bashful Culture of Reading Program (CORP) student.

The Moonlight Lawyer

Giving of herself is not new to Kacie Baldwin. In 2007, although she was already busy with a full-time job in IT, Kacie decided to go to law school and open her own private practice. She’s kept her job in IT, and now she moonlights as a lawyer, giving back to her community through estate planning, immigration law, and deportation defense. Too cool!

Pulled in by a Friend

Kacie’s passion for giving also shines through in her relationship with CoEd. She first got involved through her friend, Shayne, who convinced her to go on a CoEd tour to Guatemala in 2013. Kacie has been an avid supporter ever since. As a member of CoEd’s Literacy and Learning Society (LLS), she’s done everything from bringing textbooks and computers into classrooms to helping teachers get the training they need to teach reading! She even returned for another tour in 2014.


As a Literacy and Learning Society member, Kacie has helped teachers get the training they need to teach reading.

Why She Chose CoEd

“What I like most about CoEd is that it is about empowering people—not about handing something out, but about providing skills. I also really like the idea of supporting women. There are so many metrics that point to the benefits of educating women.”

Leaving a Legacy

That’s why Kacie decided to put CoEd in her will. “One of my main practice areas is estate planning, and I started working on my will a few years ago. I have a pretty small family, and I know that they’re all taken care of. I thought that I’d rather give a large chunk of my estate to some of the nonprofits I care about.”

When asked what she would say to someone who was thinking about planned giving, Kacie replied, “My advice is to do it! Most people aren’t relying on a big nest egg from a family member to survive. By and large, it feels so much better to give a legacy of yourself to a charity. It’s a better way for your family to remember you—as a great humanitarian.”

Her Favorite Memory from Guatemala

Kacie’s favorite memory from tour is meeting her scholarship student, Bianca. “CoEd facilitated a get-together where I could meet Bianca and her family. It was humbling —they had pine needles on the ground (a sign of celebration and honor in Guatemala) and were so gracious to welcome me to their home.” While Kacie can visit Bianca to see the immediate impact of her giving today, she’s happy to know that long into the future, her family will be able to visit Guatemala and see her continuing impact and legacy.

Learn with Us: Planned Giving Webinar

Want to learn more about the world of planned giving? Join us for a free informational webinar hosted by Heidi B. Jark, JD, Cooperative for Education Board President and Foundation Officer at Fifth Third Bank, on Monday, November 13th from 2:30-3:30 EDT. We’ll discuss how you can use your will, insurance policy, IRA, and other estate plans and investment vehicles to benefit your favorite charities.