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Too cool for school or top performing student?

If you had the chance to meet high school scholarship student Jose Luis, at first glance you might think he was too cool for school. Or maybe after a few minutes observing his lighthearted comical demeanor you’d label him as the class clown.

I bet you wouldn’t guess that his older brother was murdered when Luis was in the 5th grade.  Or that he’s dropped out of school multiple times and keeps returning because he’s determined to reach graduation.

Luis had to drop out of school for years at a time in elementary school for financial reasons and again following his brother’s death.  However when he went back to school, he had a renewed determination and earned straight As (an almost unheard of accomplishment in Guatemala schools).  His hard work paid off, and he was selected as a CoEd scholarship student.

So although he’s the youngest in a big family, he’s the first to continue past primary school and definitely the first to graduate from middle school and start high school (he’s just finishing his first year of high school to become an accountant).  Luis is brilliant, charming, and incredibly hardworking. It breaks my heart to think how many others like him didn’t have the same opportunity to reach their potential.  Please consider sponsoring a scholarship student today!

Wishing you could meet these students too,