Who doesn’t remember being six years old, face to face with a huge, gorgeous elephant? The elephant takes giant step after giant step towards you, all before opening its mouth to enormous dimensions to take in some well-earned grass from the savanna. The sun glows brightly overhead while the herd’s baby elephants spend some playtime in the nearby watering hole. Then, suddenly, your mom calls your name, the herd scatters, and poof! You’re startled out of your daydream.

Around here, most of us aren’t lucky enough to actually get to see an elephant in the wild. But YOU may get to live out your wildest childhood daydreams because…

This year’s luxury raffle winner will enjoy a six-day, six-night South African Safari for two!

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How could you say no to that adorable face?

You’ll rest between safari expeditions at Zulu Nyala Game Lodge, a lush stretch of paradise in the heart of one of South Africa’s most diverse conservation regions. Use the lodge as your jumping-off point to explore the reserve, where you just might spy elephants, rhinos, buffalo, hippos, giraffes, leopards, cheetahs, antelopes, kudus, nylas, wildebeests, zebras, waterbucks, warthogs, grey and red duikers, impalas, and crocodiles. Whew! Packing your bags yet?

South Africa

Don’t mind us; we’re daydreaming too.

So, what is included in this magical trip that will top even your most fantastic childhood daydreams?

  • Six days and six nights for two at Zulu Nyala Game Lodge
  • $1,500 travel voucher
  • Two guided game viewing activities per day (that’s at least 12 chances to see the elephants, folks!)
  • Three full meals per day

Being present at Fall Fiesta is not required to win, so you can—and should!—buy your tickets from anywhere (we’re looking at you, Canadian Friends of Cooperative for Education).


Did we mention there will be elephants?

Ready to start working on a dream? Raffle tickets are only $20 (or 3 for $50).

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Special thanks to John Berninger for donating this package.