The date is set: October 18, 2014

Stop reading. Pull up your calendar. Mark down that date. Continue reading.

The venue is decided: Paul Brown Stadium

The theme is confirmed: A Stroll through the Markets of Guatemala (yes, it will be as delightful as it sounds).

Are you jazzed yet???

Fall Fiesta Profit 2013

Remember how excited our staff was when YOU donated over $140,000 for our programs in Guatemala during our 2013 Fall Fiesta?

If that’s not enough to get your fists pumping in anticipation of the greatest party in Cincinnati , just wait ’til you read this…

We are proud to announce Fall Fiesta’s presenting (we suggest you check out this tremendous company immediately. Go ahead, we’ll wait). logo
Not only do they provide kid’s carpets and classroom rugs at factory direct rates, but  they are truly invested in education—beyond simply selling learning tools.

Jim Banks, President and Founder of, says, “KidCarpet provides a lot of educational rugs for teachers and classrooms, so it is nice to be able to use some of those profits to further education in communities with very few resources. Seeing the excitement on a Guatemalan child’s face when CoEd brings supplies to their school makes a strong case for supporting this cause.”

Kid Carpet Founder, Jim Banks, in Guatemala

Back in 2004 Jim traveled to Guatemala for the first time with CoEd.

Sounds like a pretty worthwhile company, eh?

Jim goes on to say, “KidCarpet is excited to sponsor Fall Fiesta because CoEd is a truly unique, sustainable non-profit that is changing lives through education.”

Stop, Jim. We’re blushing over here! Just kidding; please tell all your friends.

We are so glad that we could partner with KidCarpet through our shared love of education… and Spanish. That’s right, they even have a bilingual rugs selection so your children will be speaking Spanish by the time they’re out of diapers. They guarantee it!*

*Disclaimer: KidCarpet in no way guarantees the Spanish fluency level of your children. They do, however, guarantee the quality of their rugs.

In summation, we cordially invite you to get pumped for a lovely stroll through the markets of Guatemala. We will have all the usual favorites (silent and live auctions, luxury raffle, noshes, and drinks a plenty), as well as a few new features to keep things fresh. Best of all, we have the support of some incredibly generous and philanthropic companies like

See you on October 18th! 

What did you enjoy most at a past Fall Fiesta?