Like Christmas or summer vacation, we eagerly anticipate the February tour season each year. We spend a jam packed few weeks with supporters delivering books, inaugurating computer labs, reading with students, and meeting scholarship students. Bus rides into the countryside give us a chance to build deep relationships with you and truly know how deep your generosity goes. It’s always a memorable month! Since we just wrapped up another February tour season, we want to share with you some of the highlights from the month.

And maybe—just maybe—it will inspire you to join us this summer! 

Scholarship sponsors and students were reunited, sharing in the most affectionate of hugs.


Now just try to tell me you don’t want to come meet your scholarship student.

Inspired by these heartfelt reunions, 35 more students (and counting) were sponsored!

CoEd-2017-Feb-Snap-Tour-0841CoEd2017_GLP_Tour-1432CoEd-2017-Feb-Snap-Tour-0840That’s 35 more steps towards the goal of 1,000 girls by 2020!

We inaugurated the first-ever mobile computer centers! What an exciting step forward for the Computers Program!

We were welcomed into the homes and hearts of our students’ families. These visits are the most profound look into our students’ lives as they open their humble dwellings. We always walk away touched and reflecting on how to eliminate our excesses back home so that we can give more.

And last but certainly not least, we inaugurated our new education center. (Twice!)

GLP-Ed-Center-Inauguration-2017-82GLP-Ed-Center-Inauguration-2017-106CoEd-2017-Ed-Center-Inauguration-152What a grand celebration to cap off our 20th Anniversary!

Ok, we’ll give you one more. We told you it was jam packed month!

Remember the Tacaxoy family from Fall Fiesta a few years ago? Juan and Maria were among our first scholarship students and now Juan is a trilingual tour guide working on Lake Atitlán. Our GLP group was among his first English tours!