April is Donor Appreciation Month here at CoEd and we’re so happy to introduce you to a few stellar supporters over the next few weeks both here and on Facebook!   Today we’d like you to meet Patty Milner.  

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Patty is a volunteer extraordinaire for CoEd!

Patty has been a dedicated volunteer for more than two years after hearing about us through the Stuff You Should Know podcasts and seeing the programs up close and personal on a Snapshot Tour. She’s used her astounding expertise in education research for volunteer projects ranging from designing various survey instruments for the Scholarship Program to analyzing Ministry of Education standardized test scores to reveal the impact of our Textbook Program.  She helped us create surveys for CORP teachers that will give us information to continually improve the program, and she analyzed data on schools in our Textbook Program to better understand what school and community factors lead to success in the program. Plus, she did all this while finishing up her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Research and Policy and winning a seat on her local school board. Whew, just typing that makes me tired!

Thanks to her nephew adopted from Guatemala, she has a passion for helping in the developing world and somehow she always finds time in her busy schedule to help the children in Guatemala. Her data analysis skills combined with her in-depth understanding of educational interventions and her experience in non-profit work make her an invaluable part of the team!

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Thank you, Patty, for finding a way to use your talents to better CoEd’s programs and help the children of Guatemala. We’re grateful for all you do!