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Well folks, that’s a wrap on another Fall Fiesta! We are beyond grateful and honored to have shared the night with so many wonderfully generous supporters (some of whom even flew in from across the country!).

In case you were in the most unfortunate position of missing out on this year’s Fall Fiesta, let us break down the magical evening for you…

What a space! Great American Ball Park had the most gorgeous view of the riverfront, and really helped elevate the ambiance to the next level.

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Piñatas galore! Our all-new piñata raffle and piñata popper game added a fun new element to the event. Eight lucky winners got to take home these incredible piñatas stuffed with thousands of dollars worth of gift certificates and merchandise. Did we mention we awarded wine to the piñata popper winners? Lots and lots of wine…

Split the Pot Piñata mayhem! Two extra-special winners got to battle it out over the split the pot piñata. Yes, they were blindfolded. Yes, they were spun around. Yes, they were given a baseball bat. Yes, they swung and missed… a lot. Did we anticipate that one of them would hit the piñata “out of the park” (a.k.a. into the rafters)? No, no we did not. But hey, that’s what helped make this an unforgettable evening for all!

Special Guests from Guatemala! We had not one, but two special guests join us from Guatemala this year: Rony Mejia and Gaby Amado. Rony thoroughly enjoyed welcoming everyone to Fall Fiesta, and was grateful for the chance to catch up with old and new friends. Gaby gave an impassioned, emotional speech, challenging everyone to help plant the seed of change in Guatemala that would bring not one, but TWO new primary schools into the Culture of Reading Program. We are grateful to both of them for taking the time to share their stories with us!

Rancho alegre (1)

Rancho Alegre will join the ranks of our program schools thanks to Fall Fiesta guests!


Students at El Llano primary school are excited to have the Culture of Reading Program at their school!

Gaby asked, and you all listened. Not only did you rise to the challenge of raising $24,000 to help bring the Culture of Reading Program to two schools, but overall, you helped us raise a grand total of $145,000!!!

You read that correctly.



We can’t thank you enough for coming out to support Fall Fiesta. So many more children get the chance to benefit from our programs, and all from this one magical evening. We would definitely call that a home run.

See you next year!