Jeff_Education Center_10
Remember when all the stars aligned and CoEd was able to get a brand new home in Guatemala? Well, we’ve been hard at work these past 10 months, and it’s time to bring you all up to speed on how we’re transforming this former school campus into the Education Center of our dreams.

It all started with a generous benefactor who enabled us to purchase the property at an incredible discount and begin renovations. And thanks to an amazing response from supporters like YOU, we’ve been able to continue this momentum and raise additional funds toward the full cost of the renovation and move-in. So far, we’ve increased the original investment by nearly 22% through the generosity of additional donors.

Likewise, the construction crews have been doing their thing in the new center ever since we purchased it last summer. We still have a ways to go before we can move in, but we’ve made some amazing progress. Here are just a few highlights of the work so far:

Jeff_Education Center_01

Drywall walls are going up to block off cubicles, computer workstations, and so on. We’re now finished with the walls everywhere except for the guard building.

Jeff_Education Center_05

The wires are going into the ceilings! All of the electrical wiring is done, and now we’re just finishing certification on the network and telephone cabling.

Educ Center-033_B4

Awnings are going up to create some outdoor spaces that are protected from sun and rain.

Solar Panels at the new education center

We’ve installed solar panels that will significantly decrease our ongoing utility costs and help make the new property sustainable!

Educ Center-023

Paving is coming along nicely for the main building parking lot, now that proper drainage has been installed. (Paving is also complete for the parking lot of the second building.)

We’re taking advantage of every opportunity to get the best bang for our buck during the remodeling process. In fact, we’re so thrifty that we’ve been able to refurbish sinks and toilets, paint existing doors for re-use, and use existing light fixtures. When we have to purchase new items, we’re looking for discounts whenever we can, including finding furnishings at 40% off during a going-out-of-business sale!

We’re so excited to see the Education Center taking shape. When it’s finally ready, we’ll be able to move in and become more convenient to our beneficiaries, more efficient as an organization, and better prepared to expand in the next two decades and beyond.

Hope you all can join us for the housewarming party during our 20th anniversary tour from February 21-26, 2017!