Nestled at the foothills of Volcán de Fuego, in the heart of San Pedro Yepocapa, lies Fe y Esperanza—the latest addition to Cooperative for Education’s (CoEd’s) Textbook Program! Passionate locals founded this private middle school with the noble goal of increasing educational opportunities in their community. And now, through your support, over 100 students at Fe y Esperanza are studying with brand-new, high-quality textbooks!

For those familiar with CoEd’s work, inauguration stories like these are not uncommon! The impact of CoEd’s Textbook Program has been far-reaching, benefiting an astonishing 21,870 students across 191 schools in Guatemala. Yet, the experience of the CoEd staff at Fe y Esperanza proved to be something truly exceptional.

Rain or shine, our team’s determination shined through as they conquered two rivers to attend the inauguration.

Adiel Romero Carreto, a teacher at Fe y Esperanza, expresses heartfelt gratitude during his speech at the inauguration. 

The journey to the school was nothing short of an adventure, with winding roads that snaked through towering mountains and volcanoes, leading past small communities that beautifully reflected the region’s rich cultural diversity. The warmth and vibrancy of the local culture were palpable as the CoEd team finally arrived at the school, where they received applause, cheers, and even a fireworks display from students, teachers, and parents!

Adiel Romero Carreto, one of the teachers at Fe y Esperanza, warmly greeted everyone, expressing gratitude on behalf of the community for CoEd’s support. While giving his speech, the sun emerged from behind the clouds after a week of rain. Adiel stopped and pointed out how perfectly timed the sun was for the celebration.

The inauguration featured vibrant performances, such as the “Dance of the Four Seasons,” celebrating the community’s unity and the region’s cultural diversity.

During the inauguration, the students enchanted the audience with a captivating performance called the “Dance of the Four Seasons,” showcasing the cultural diversity of Guatemala’s four main groups: Maya, Garifuna, Xinca, and Ladina. The participants on tour fully embraced the festive atmosphere, immersing themselves in the cultural activities and enjoying the moments of “convivencia”—the meaningful time spent with the students during the tour.

The celebration was a testament to the resilience and determination of the Fe y Esperanza community. Despite facing significant challenges, the school and its supporters have worked tirelessly to provide students with access to education and critical resources. The dedication and perseverance of the Fe y Esperanza community have transformed their vision into reality, bringing education within reach for generations to come.

Ludvin Cacatzi Guerra, a former student of Fe y Esperanza, shared,

“The teachers, without a doubt, were a motivation for me since, without their words, I would have stagnated and would not have achieved everything.”

Your generous support has made a significant impact, empowering 105 students with access to new textbooks. In addition, teachers and principals will receive invaluable training, ensuring the optimal utilization of these educational resources in the classroom. Through the revolving fund, these textbooks will continue to empower students each year, breaking the cycle of poverty and paving the way for a brighter future. Our journey to Fe y Esperanza provided valuable lessons, reminding us that even small efforts can create lasting change.

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