Scholarship Squad

Everybody knows that the key to a great team is stellar leadership, hard-working team members, and a common goal. United by a passion for serving their community and giving kids access to quality education, our Scholarship & Youth Development Program team is… well… super. And it’s growing! Ever since we kicked off the Thousand Girls Initiative, we’ve been adding more members to this stellar team, and we figured it was high time you got to know the magnificent people helping your scholarship students accomplish their dreams. Together, they are fighting poverty and conquering dropout rates… all in a day’s work.

Our Scholarship Coordinator, Samuel, manages and coordinates all of the activities in the Scholarship Program, overseeing the rest of the team and making sure we provide top-quality service to our students.

Our Super-visors, Mayra and Nabby, coach and guide the Local Facilitators who run the workshops and youth development activities. They make sure that our students are prepared for academic success by monitoring results and stepping in to help when students are at risk of dropping out.

Finally, our talented Local Facilitators work closely with each student, holding workshops and youth development activities in their communities, and being present as constant companions for students on their educational journey. Each Local Facilitator manages 1-2 communities, and coordinates with schools, educational authorities, and community members to prepare and deliver resources to the kids they serve.

Are you are excited to meet these heroes? Super! Read on for team member bios.


Name: Samuel (aka Mr. Magnificent)

Superstrength: Leadership

The fearless leader of the Scholarship Squad, Samuel is known for his ability to manage new initiatives and lead the team with ease. His past experience as the Executive Secretary of FUDI, a Guatemalan nonprofit dedicated to social well-being in rural communities, makes him the master of multitasking and efficiency.


Name: Mayra (aka MegaMayra)

Superstrength: Teamwork and Collaboration

Before becoming a Supervisor for the Scholarship Squad, Mayra served as psychologist working with victims of genocide, facilitated youth programs, and helped prevent violence against women. Mayra’s ability to work collaboratively with others makes her invaluable to the Squad!


Name: Nabby (aka Nabby Neptune)

Superstrength: Willingness to Help

Nabby was a teacher and psychologist before joining the Scholarship Squad. She helped victims of sexual abuse and tutored kids with learning disabilities, and she brings her expertise to her position here at CoEd! Nabby is always willing to lend a helping hand, which is what makes her a fantastic Supervisor.


Name: Heydi (aka Captain Compassion)

Superstrength: Compassion

Heydi is a proud graduate of CoEd’s Scholarship Program! Because she knows how hard it is to overcome poverty and graduate from school, she understands the importance of the program for young people in Guatemala. Before becoming a Local Facilitator, Heydi was a teacher. She serves as a great role model for our students since she was once in their shoes.


Name: Sandra Capen (aka Super Sandra)

Superstrength: Perseverance

Sandra also graduated from CoEd’s Scholarship Program, and she was empowered to continue her studies even further! She went on to study at San Carlos University and now has a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Her ability to create meaningful bonds with students as a Local Facilitator is truly magnificent!


Name: Maribel (aka Doctor Dedication)

Superstrength: Dedication

The Scholarship Squad is lucky to have Maribel on our team as a Local Facilitator. She speaks Kaqchikel, the indigenous language of the regions she serves. She was a teacher before coming to CoEd, and her expertise and dedication are precious additions to the Scholarship & Youth Development Program.


Name: Teresa (aka Teresa the Terrific)

Superstrength: Patience

Teresa holds a degree in Education from Galileo University. She was a teacher for four years before coming to CoEd and sharing her gift of patience with the Scholarship Squad. She now serves as a Local Facilitator, and we are so thrilled to have her as part of the team!


Name: Marleny (aka The Mighty Marleny)

Superstrength: Commitment

Marleny isn’t just a great Local Facilitator, she’s a great mom too! Even when she was pregnant, she trekked through the Guatemalan countryside to complete home visits for her student evaluations. She is committed to bringing quality education to the students she serves!


Name: Any (aka the Amazing Any)

Superstrength: Creativity

Any is not new to CoEd and our programs—she is a graduate of our Textbook Program and a former faculty member at a Computer Center school. She taught for four years before becoming the Local Facilitator, and her creativity is evident in the ways she finds to engage with her students!


Name: Mishell (aka Agent Energy)

Superstrength: Energy

Before becoming a Local Facilitator, Mishell served as a teacher. Her attitude brightens a room, and despite whatever life throws at her, she brings a contagious, positive energy to the Scholarship Squad.


Name: Elena (aka Elena the Incredible)

Superstrength: Joy

Position: Elena is the “secret weapon” of the Scholarship Squad. After graduating in accounting, she served as an administrative assistant for private companies, and she now brings her skills to CoEd as the joyful Scholarships Administrative Assistant!


As you can see, we have an absolutely fantastic team working to help our scholarship students achieve their dreams. As we continue to add more communities to the Scholarship Program, we’ll be hiring even more stellar staff members! Special sponsors called Groundbreakers enable us to do that. Groundbreakers—we couldn’t thank you enough!