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Our Partnership with Rotary is Stronger Than Ever!

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Chances are you’ve seen this golden wheel around, but do you know what it represents?

rotary international


Top 10 Moments from February Tours

Monday, March 14th, 2016

Are we the only ones who are sad that we’re not still in Guatemala with everyone? The schools! The kids! The sunny weather and adventures!

While we may have to wait a few months before heading back to Guate, we can reminisce all we want about the tours we just finished. Without further ado, here are our top 10 tour moments of February 2016:

10. An internationally renowned artist, who also happens to be a teacher at the CORP school we were inaugurating, gave a beautiful painting to the sponsors as a token of the school’s gratitude.
CoEd2016_Snap_Ann - 086 (more…)

Spotlight on the Guatemala Literacy Project with Rotary International

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Ever wondered what this Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) thing is? We mention it every now and again – and it plays an important role in the work of CoEd in Guatemala.  So what is it?  Since 1998, Cooperative for Education has been proud to work with individual Rotary International clubs (432 of them to be exact) to bring books, computers, training, and other resources to the poorest in Guatemala.  Each year a large group of Rotarians help the programs come into new communities in Guatemala.

Since March is Literacy Month for Rotary we wanted to take a moment to interview Mary Jo Jean-Francois, Rotary International’s (RI) Area Focus Manager in Basic Education & Literacy.  In February we were pleased to have Mary Jo join us in Guatemala to see the work being done. Here’s what Mary Jo had to say to us after her recent trip to see the GLP in action.

Mary Jo and Rotarians

Mary Jo (right) spent time visiting the GLP in February. Pictured here with Rotarians from Guatemala City.

Why has Rotary International designated March as Literacy Month?

Rotarians around the world do thousands of literacy projects each year.  Some projects are funded by The Rotary Foundation, but the majority are not.  The Board of Directors for Rotary International wanted to highlight this work, recognize Rotarians for the endless volunteer hours they put toward their projects and to encourage clubs and districts to continue on with such an important initiative.  Having one month dedicated to literacy allows the organization to collectively promote efforts supporting education. (more…)