Pablo Xinico, Principal

Principal Pablo Xinico gets it. During a celebration earlier this year at his school, he wisely said,

“Education is a critical base required for development in rural areas. In our globalized world, technology is now an even more important part of the education of our students. So that our students can be competitive, our students need to have technological skills.

Our community here at Hacienda Maria is very proud to have such a modern and successful computer lab. This [computer] lab has contributed to the success of professionals as they graduate from this school. Our graduates are working in all sorts of jobs thanks to the preparation they received here.”

CoEd2015_Snap_Jenn - 0498

Students work in pairs during class to collaborate and learn the new technology together.

Principal Xinico is right; this lab is a BIG DEAL. Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of re-inaugurating the Computer Center Program at Hacienda Maria Middle School. They have already been in the program for more than ten years! It usually takes about six years for a school to save enough money from the student fees to purchase new equipment. So, what does that mean for this school (all you math whizzes out there, help us out!)?

That’s right—this was the second time the school purchased all-new computer equipment from the money collected from student fees and saved in their revolving fund. That is sustainability at its best, my friends.

Thank you so much for being a part of success stories like this one.

What words of encouragement would you send to Principal Xinico and his students?