In honor of International Literacy Day, we thought it was high time that we let some of our sprightly young Culture of Reading Program (CORP) students teach you a few things about proper reading technique. Namely, exactly what facial expressions one should make while engaging in various reading-related activities, from vocabulary exercises to dramatization of a story. Captured in their natural habitat, these emotive masters will dazzle you with their superb expressive technique. Go ahead and limber up your own facial muscles so you can play along at home with That Face You Make…

1) when you love practicing your letters
chubby cheeks and wide smiles

2) when you find a new book
girlie gasp

3) when you know the right answer and you know that no one else knows the right answer
hand up + smug mug

4) when your teacher compliments you on how well you just read aloud
big ole' grin

5) when you hear it’s time for reading!
clapping and cheering

6) when you were so busy acting out the story in your rad lion-mask that now you’re not sure where your friends went
lift the mask to look around

7) when you’re late for your acting debut as the passion fruit
running with your giant, unwieldy costume

8) when you finish writing your first book and officially become an author
superman pose

9) when someone points out that you kind of ripped the plot off of Shakespeare (as if you’re the only one)
sheepish grin

10) when you just gotta find out what happens next
excitedly turning the page

11) when you’re sounding it out
lips pursed in the ooo shape

12) when you get to play fun vocab games with your BFF
(note: throw your hands in the air for this one)

13) when vocab is just too darn funny
literally on the floor laughing

14) when you can’t believe how smart the thing your friend just said was
smiling + eyes so wide
smiling + eyes so wide 2

15) when your life is different because you can read
the sweetest smile


Feeling inspired? Come practice your reading and emoting skills with our CORP students in Guatemala on one of our 2017 tour offerings.