Sometimes, the stars align and people come into your life who greatly enhance your human experience.
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That’s how we feel about Rebecca Wilks. We had the honor of visiting her corner of the world, Arizona. She put her personal responsibilities on hold to help coordinate and host our trip, setting up presentations at local Rotary Clubs for a few of our staff, acting as tour guide to one of the most gorgeous parts of the country we’ve ever seen, and passionately advocating for the programs in Guatemala.

She wrote about her experience over on her blog, calling herself a “selfish do-gooder” because, as she puts it, “I do, in fact, get more out of this do-gooder stuff than I put in.”

Rebecca, while we are glad that you feel fulfilled by the work you do for CoEd and the GLP, we would be remiss if we didn’t emphasize just how much effort you expend to keep this thing running. We saw firsthand how well-respected you are within your community, and how you are using Rotary International to do so many good things, in Guatemala, in Arizona and elsewhere in the world.
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Thank you, Rebecca, and everyone else who helps make our trips around the country possible. It is always so incredibly inspiring to witness you all on your “home turf”, constantly working to make this world a better place. You are the best advocates we have for CoEd, and we are so grateful that you put in a heck of a lot of effort to spread the word about poverty in Guatemala. And of course we are always glad if you get something out of it, too. 🙂

Read all eight of Rebecca’s reasons she supports CoEd (and reasons to be a do-gooder in general) here!