If you’ve never been on a Cooperative for Education project tour, you’ve probably got a vague notion of what it’s like–we visit schools, interact with students, learn about the programs, and experience some Guatemalan culture along the way. But as this month’s tour participants expressed, tour is SO MUCH BETTER than you could ever imagine.

“What did we do this week?” participant Charlene Brush asked (rhetorically) on the last day. “We were alive.”

So without further ado we would like to present–

The Top 6 Moments from Our August Snapshot Tour

(A Visual Journey)

6) This little Culture of Reading Program student gave us ALL of the hugs and it was magical:

Hug 1

Hug 2

Hug 3

Hug 4

Hug 5

5) We visited the Iximche Mayan ruins on a misty, pensive day:

Iximche 1

Iximche 2

Iximche 3

Iximche 4

4) We dance dance dance-d like we had never danced before!

Dance 1

Textbook students know how to party.

Dance 2

And our staff member Howard knows how to move his hips.

Dance 3

Not to mention, the folkloric dances that the students performed involved KITES, CHICKENS, AND FIREWORKS:

Kite Dance

Behold the kites.

Kite Dance 2

Kite Dance 3

(Maracas too.)

Chicken Dance

Behold the chicken!

Chicken Dance 2

“The chicken dance” will never mean the same thing to us again.

Fireworks 1

BEHOLD the fireworks.

Fireworks 2

That looks dangerous, let’s move on.

3) The students taught us a thing or two about reading, computers, and having fun:

Reading 1


Reading 2

Apparently we can be kind of dense about reading sometimes.

Computers 1

Thumbs up for technology (which is slightly hidden behind our oh-so-suave Computer Program student).

Jump Rope

In the fun category they schooled us at jump rope.


They stole all our candy when the piñata broke.


But at least they taught Rick how to play dollies.

2) We saw crowds of parents, siblings, grandparents, and other community members come out to give their wholehearted support to the programs at their schools:

a packed computer center

Parents and siblings squeezed in the door and applauded as a Computer Center demonstration began.

Little girl with baby brother

Big sister / little brother.

Mother and baby clapping

Claps from even the teeny ones.

Two regal grandmothers

Two regal grandmothers.

a community leader bows in thanks

And a bow of thanks.

1) Finally, some special scholarship students reunited with their sponsors:

Rick has helped sponsor 10 students!

Long-time supporter Rick Schroeder met up with the 10 STUDENTS that he and his friends are sponsoring. Someone get this man a medal.

Charlene and David with their four students

Charlene and David Brush were so excited to reunite with their students Keren, Dayli, Brayan, and Melany.

Katie and Paola

And Katie Appel’s student Paola could not be held back when she spotted her sponsor.

Katie and Paola 2

Katie was overwhelmed by how Paola’s confidence had grown since the last time they saw each other, in 2014.

Oh wait, I almost forgot the volcano exploded:


(Don’t worry, it was just a cute little smoke belch.)

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