It’s been a busy year for CoEd. What better time than Thanksgiving to finally slow down for a second and reflect on some of the GAZILLION reasons we have to be thankful this year (hint: most of them involve YOU, our supporters).

Thank you in 3 languages

Thank you x 3. That’s how thankful we are!

This year, we are thankful…

10. For the great collaborations we were a part of—from BowTie Cause to Adventure Life to Beers & Beans (to name just a few)—we’ve found incredible support and vocal advocates in these organizations and people.

9. That the Guatemala Ministry of Education endorsed CoEd (in case you forgot why this is such a big deal)!

8. That you all got to meet Ancelma, the incredible young woman whose life has been changed thanks to your support.


Ancelma is proof positive that an education can make all the difference.

7. That the benefits of educating girls received a TON of press (Looks like CNN and CoEd have something in common!). That is why nearly 70% of CoEd’s scholarships will be given to girls going forward. Still not convinced? Check out thisthisthis or even this. Like we said, a ton of press.

6. That every single incoming scholarship student has officially been sponsored for 2014. You heard the call and you answered. Thanks to you, all 69 incoming students have been sponsored, and we couldn’t be happier!

5. For the addition of Rony to the Guate team as the general director of Guatemala operations. It’s hard to believe that he’s been with us for less than a year! Let’s just say we’re glad to have him aboard.

Rony Mejia

Hi, Rony!

4.  That Holly End had the opportunity to give an awe-inspiring Tedx talk about the power of gratitude. We’d say that’s a pretty appropriate topic this week…

3.  That we had a RECORD-BREAKING Fall Fiesta, raising over $140,000 all thanks to you. Wow.

2. That this happened:

1. For the incredible support that YOU, our donors, provide to CoEd. This organization literally (and no, we are not misusing that word) would not exist without you, and so we give thanks for your generous hearts each and every day.

What are you thankful for this year?