We often get the question “Where is Guatemala?” when we first start talking to someone unfamiliar with CoEd’s programs. Of course the simple answer is the geographical location—directly south of Mexico in Central America.  But if you allow us to be sentimental, mushy gushy for a moment, the truer answer is that Guatemala remains in the heart of each visitor she receives.  

Where is Guatemala

The more than 650 people who have volunteered in Guatemala on a CoEd Snapshot Tour will certainly agree. Some of those travelers have more than 20 tours under their belt, while others have traveled but once for a glimpse into the Guatemala’s cultural richness.

Her beauty captivates.

Lake Atitlan

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Her people welcome.

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Her travelers leave changed.

Jaime volunteers
How so, you ask?

Jaime and Shayne Ephraim recently returned from their trip to Guatemala and explained, “[The Snapshot Tour] was like nothing we have experienced before. We loved getting to see firsthand the difference that CoEd is making in Guatemala. Through learning about Guatemalan culture and history, going to the schools, watching students perform, and interacting directly with students we fell in love with Guatemala and CoEd. The Guatemalan people we met were humble, joyful, and genuinely grateful for CoEd and their supporters. We personally saw that CoEd is fulfilling their mission in Guatemala of breaking the cycle of poverty through education, and we are now their biggest fans.”

Join us on an upcoming Snapshot Tour to discover where Guatemala resides or travel virtually alongside Josh and Chuck on their Guatemalan Adventure on the Stuff You Should Know podcast.

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